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Keywords NV color centers, diamond, quantum sensing, fluorescence Current development stage   TRL3 Experimental proof of concept        Application Nitrogen vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond are a promising implementation for quantum ...
Bar-Gill Nir
  Highly sensitive, self formed and simple to fabricate nano junction devices changing resistance in the presence of minute concentration of volatile gases   Highlights Detectors of volatile gas, including combustible gases, are essential ...
Yerushalmi Roie
  Categories Nanotechnology, Micro & Opto Electronics Keywords Atomic clock, frequency, wavelength, gas vapor, automotive, security, trading, exploration Current development stage TRL3 - experimental proof of concept; Seeking for seed ...
Levy Uriel
        Patent Status   US patent   Highlights Printed Electronics (PE) offers an attractive low cost alternative for the fabrication of electrical and optoelectronic devices which can be applied on large areas, and either on flexible or rigid ...
Banin Uri
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Paltiel Yossef