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  Category Life Sciences and Biotechnology    Keywords Liver, RNA, miRNA Current development stage TRL4 - POC & Safety of candidate drug formulation is demonstrated in defined animal modelvvvid demonstrated in  defined animal ...
Soreq Hermona
  Category Life Sciences and Biotechnology    Keywords Type 2 Diabetes, Peptide, Insulin, Fatty liver, Glucose. Current development stage TRL3 Experimental proof of concept       Our Innovation Based on a provocative working hypothesis, ...
Ben-Sasson Shmuel
  Category LifeSciences and BioTechnology    Keywords Diabetes, FE-S Proteins, Metabolic   Current development stage TRL2 – Research ideas and protocols developed Our Innovation The finding by HUJI researchers uncovers a novel structure ...
Nechushtai Rachel
  Categories Small molecules, anti-inflammatory treatment Development Stage In-vivo proof of concept Patent Status Patent application filed Market Inflammation indications: acute pancreatitis, acute live damage, fatty liver damage, ...
Weinstock-Rosin Marta
Prof. Yaron Ilan, Department of Human Nutrition and Metabolism and Liver Unit Hadassah Hospital Cannabinoids/endocannabinoids and/or capsaicin or cannabidiol, improve both liver and brain functions   Categories Nutrition and Metabolism, ...
Avraham Yosefa
  Categories Fatty liver, metabolic syndrome, obesity    Development Stage Drug at preclinical stage  Background Fatty liver disease - Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is  a continuum of diseases that include simple steatosis and ...
Tirosh Oren
  Categories Superactive High Afinity Leptin antagonist, mutein, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibrosis, cardiovascular disease, CKD Cachexia, Osteoarthritis Development Stage (1) In vivo tests in ...
Gertler Arieh