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Buxboim Amnon, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Bio-Engineering

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Ziv Menshes

About the Company

CardioVia provides  physicians with a minimally invasive access capability to the heart through the pericardium in order to treat the most prevalent Cardiovascular Diseases and arrhythmias without using a needle.

​​By using cutting edge technologies with the simplest ideas, CardioVia will be able to provide physicians with the right access to perform surgeries on the outer surface of the heart like never seen before. By using CardioVia, physicians will be able to perform procedures on one of the most delicate and complicated instruments that the human body has.


Key Facts about the Technology

  • CardioVia's device performs an accurate cut between the layers of the pericardium thanks to cutting edge technologies while changing the way we think about the access. NO needle is pointed towards the heart.
  • The procedure is performed in a controlled and measured manner, while synchronizing with the heartbeats and using special sensors that halt the device upon penetration to the pericardial space.
  • Once inserted, the device anchors to the pericardium and serves as a pathway that allows through it an easy and secure continuous access.

Target Market/Potential

Clinical Need

The Pericardium

The pericardium is a double walled sac that surrounds the heart. Access to the pericardial space allows the physician to work on the surface of the heart muscle and treat cardiac arrhythmias and pericardial diseases as well as increase the effectiveness of current drugs.

The Problem

Penetration to the pericardial space carries a great risk of damaging the heart as current procedures use a sharp needle that is directed towards the beating heart and fail to generate a secure work space.


The Consequences

Current procedures can result in death due to insufficient care and raising costs to the health system. Quality  of life will  deteriorate  for 1 out of 10 patients* and will result  in additional treatments healthcare costs.


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