Future Meat Technologies LTD.

Nahmias Yaakov, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Bio-Engineering


Company Name

Future Meat Technologies

Company Founders

Prof. Yaakov Nahmias

Current CEO

Rom Kshuk

About the Company

Future Meat Technologies is a groundbreaking biotechnology company advancing a distributive manufacturing platform for the cost-efficient production of cultured meat. It is the only company worldwide holding a GMO-free, unlimited cell source capable of differentiating to both muscle and fat, growing in a serum-free, antibiotic free cultured medium. Future Meat Technologies patented bioreactor design permits the cost efficient production of cultured meat and fat. The technology exclusively licensed from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, based on the findings of Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, director of the Grass Center for Bioengineering.

About Company Products

Future Meat Technologies goal is to produce animal-free meat products that are indistinguishable from real meat in a cost-efficient manner. The company established its propriety chicken cell line in January and serum-free medium formulation in April this year. Efficient differentiation to fat was established in June and current work is focused on up scaling production toward a public tasting of chicken meat on early 2018. Bioreactor engineering design is being completed with the first working prototype expected by 2019. Future Meat Tech-nologies started a discussion with the FDA and expects regulatory

Development Milestones


Future Meat Technologies announced that it has raised $26.75 million in series B funding. It also announced that it plans to market its cultured chicken and plant proteins chicken substitute to consumers and restaurants within 18 months. Among the investors in the series B round were Tyson Foods, ADM, Müller Group, and Rich's Products Corporation, alongside leading venture capital investors such as S2G Ventures, ADM Capital, Emerald Technology Ventures, Manta Ray Ventures, and Bits x Bites

Target Market/Potential

Meat is a major source of dietary protein whose production consumes over 40% of global land and water resources while producing 18% of global greenhouse emissions. Cultured meat technology is one solution estimated to use only 2% of the landmass, and produce 4% of greenhouse emissions for equivalent production. In current practice, cultured meat companies expand muscle stem cells in bioreactors, forming muscle fibers, and assembling those fibers into ground meat. However, animal serum is still needed for muscle expansion, while the lack of animal fat means the product lacks the authentic aroma and flavor of meat. In addition, muscle cells have a limited expansion potential, requiring a new biopsy for every 500 kg product generated. Moreover, the projected cost of current cell manufacturing technology is about $3,000 per kg and is not ex-pected to drop below $300 per kg in the near future.

In contrast, Future Meat Technologies developed a proprietary mesenchymal cell source that spontaneously immortalized (i.e. non-GMO) and can be differentiated to produce both muscle and fat. The cells are grown in a patent-protected serum-free, animal-free culture medium without the use of antibiotics. Future Meat Technologies is developing a proprietary closed-loop bioreactor design that mimics normal animal physiology using a filtered dialysis circuit to recirculate culture medium, drastically reducing consumable costs. Each bioreactor unit is predicted to cost $300, permitting highly parallelized distributive manufacturing approach. Taken together, Future Meat Technologies cost of goods is predicted to reach $5 per kg.

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Patent Status

Published WO 2021/148960 A1

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