Zion Pharmaceutical Ltd

FRIEDLER Assaf, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry

Year Company was Founded


Company Founder

Zyon Ayni

Current CEO

Zyon Ayni

About the Company

Zion is a group of companies developing AIDS and Cancer curing products based on peptides derived from HIV and targeted Lenti-vial particles.

The group is comprised of Zion Pharmaceutical Ltd., which is developing AIDS-HIV Therapies, and of Zion BioMedic Ltd., which is developing cancer therapies.

We have made a breakthrough in AIDS & Cancer treatment. The current antiviral therapy for AIDS called HAART, known as "the cocktail” is not a solution that enables recovery from AIDS. 

With biological targeting of our curing products to the infected cells as well to the cancer cells, we promote specifically the death of the HIV infected and cancer cells, in a safe manner with minimum side effects.

Proprietary basic technologies were developed in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel and were licensed by Zion medical. With our development team, which consists of the original developers as well as specialists in cell cultures manipulation with Lenti-Viral particles (such used in Gene Therapy) and in the files of CMC we can fight these two precarious diseases

Development Milestones


  • completion of pre-clinical studies including both efficacy and safety

Mid 2018

  • First clinical trial


  • DDW conference 2017

Target Market/Potential

HIV and Cancer cure

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