Betalin Therapeutics Ltd.

Mitrani Eduardo, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Alexander Silberman Institute for Life Sciences


Company Founder

Shuki Herchovici

Current CEO

Dr. Nikolai Kunicher

About the Company

Betalin Therapeutics is developing a revolutionary therapy for diabetes treatment. Our engineered micro pancreas (EMP) aims to replace insulin therapy for millions of patients worldwide. Betalin Therapeutics licensed the novel EMP technology developed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, in an exclusive worldwide agreement in 2015. The Hebrew University continues to partner with Betalin Therapeutics to support the research and development.

About Company Products

Betalin Therapeutics' proprietary technology is a biological micro-environment for supporting the harvested islets. The combination of the harvested cells and the proprietary micro-environment is called the Engineered Micro-Pancreas (EMP).

Anticipated Advantages of Betalin Therapeutics' Solution

  • Fewer harvested cells will be required for each transplant, which means more than 5 times as many patients can be treated from the same number of harvests and significantly lowering the cost of each transplant.
  • The transplants will be more successful because harvested cells thrive in the micro-environment of EMPs and in turn, integrate into the recipient's body much more readily.
  • The transplants will also be more effective as the insulin secreted from EMPs is better regulated and longer-lasting than insulin from islets alone.
  • While at first the same immuno-suppressants as currently prescribed in the Edmonton Protocol will be used, the next generation of EMPs will incorporate stem cell therapy and additional technologies such as encapsulation, making immune-suppressants unnecessary.
  • Betalin Therapeutics' EMPs are a technological breakthrough that has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people each year.

Development Milestones


  • Prof. Mitrani lab received $3 million Research budget


  • Betalin formally founded 
  • Won the IIA 50% support and additional 10% for Capital special grant
  • EMPs secrete quantities of insulin per cell similar to freshly isolated human islets in a glucose-regulated manner for more than 3 months in vitro


  • Patents granted in Europe, in process in USA & worldwide
  • Reversal of diabetes in mice by intraperitoneal transplantation of human islet seeded on EMPs; Increased vascular density in a collagen-rich background
  • Successfully submitted consulting folder to the US FDA



  • Optimize and develop scalable process for production of EMPs
  • Build our own cutting machine, Expanding our lab facilities into JBL
  • Started dialogue to conduct clinical studies in Miami Edmonton Fuzhou Brussels


  • Initiate research collaboration with Mayo Clinics


  • First in man clinical study
  • Revenue from the sales of engineered micro pancreas
  • Collaborate with USA based human islet supplier for the R&D pharma industry
  • Start joint venture in China in order to penetrate the Chinese Market


  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Listed on NASDAQ or NYSE
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) : Licensing Authorizes partners to utilize our technology with licensing fees



  • WON THE MOST PROMISING STARTUP IN ISRAEL Most Promising startup in Israel Xi'an International Entrepreneurship Competition, Xi’an, China.
  • Betalin won first place at the 6th annual China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, Wuhu, China
  • 1st prize, Best Pharmaceutical Startup at the Mixiii International Competition, Tel Aviv, Israel.


  • 1st prize at the International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Guangzhou, China.

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