Peled Alon, HUJI, Faculty of Social Sciences, Political Science

Year Company was Founded


Company Founders

Assaf Katan, Amir Weinstein, Alon Peled

Current CEO

Assaf Katan

About the Company 
Apertio is the first and only global search engine for Open Data. Through its unique database of Open Data, by far the largest of its kind covering thousands of Open Data portals worldwide, Apertio opens a portal to data, information and insight that have previously been out of reach. Apertio’s advanced algorithms enhance classification and tagging of Open Data to enable superior discovery, relevance and usability, so that each user can find the data that truly addresses their needs. In addition, Apertio provides unique in-data search capability for locating "hidden gems" inside the Open Data files, as well as a host of productivity-oriented value-added services - data previews, alerts, content recommendations, and much more.
Apertio is proud to be backed by Canaan Partners Israel, a leading Israeli-American venture capital fund. 

Development Milestones

Apertio plans to launch a commercial service in September 2018

Target Market/Potential 

Heavy users of Big Data in multiple vertical markets – Insurance, Financial, Retail and others

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Aviv Shoher
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