HumanEyes Technologies Ltd

Peleg Shmuel, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science


Investment/ Collaboration Opportunity Highlights:

The company is interested in strategic cooperation/investors, mainly with technology companies and consumer electronics companies working in the field of 3D devices and photography.


About the company

HumanEyes was founded in 2010 by Professor Shmuel Peleg, a world renowned expert in Computer Vision. The company is backed by two venture capital funds: Landa Ventures and Docor International (a Van Leer Foundation subsidiary).

HumanEyes is a technology company specializing in creating, displaying and printing 3D.  The company is active in three main areas:

  • License business based on over 40 patent and patent pending intellectual property
  • Software business for lenticular printing
  • Consumer and professional business for short run and personalized 3D printing, called Snapily.com

Our products

Our products range from software for creating, designing and printing 3D content, to 3D prints such as poster displays, business cards, notebooks and more.  One of the main IP we are focused on licensing is called Stereo Panorama.  This patented technology enables shooting true 3D photos using a regular 2D lens on a camera or a smartphone.  The resulting 3D photos can be viewed in several viewing modes, including on 3D TVs and in 3D prints.


For a demo of Snapily 3D, our patented app for shooting 3D from a smartphone, please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsFltJwrL_E

Contact for more information:

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