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Levavi-Sivan Berta , HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Animal Sciences


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Nissim Chen, Ph.D., CEO

Current CEO

Nissim Chen, Ph.D., CEO

About the Company

Aquaculture production is rapidly expanding as marine sources are being depleted and fish consumption increases. Yet, to be able to meet the growing demand for fish protein, the aquaculture industry needs sustainable solutions that increase fish yields using existing resources and infrastructure. AquiNovo's technology addresses this challenge by accelerating farmed fish growth thus reducing time to market.

About Company Products

AquiNovo is developing proprietary materials to enhance fish growth. These materials will be incorporated into feed and given to fish for a defined time period using standard feeding procedures. The technology provides a non-GM, non-hormonal, easy-to-use solution for enhancing fish growth.

Development Milestones

AquiNovo intends to manufacture and sell its materials to fish feed producers for incorporation into different feeds. First two products will target tilapia, a high-demand market with an expected 8.5 million metric tons farmed at year of launch and salmon, a high-value market with an expected 6.4 million metric tons farmed at launch. Addressable market potential for these two products combined is projected to be over USD300 million annually. The Company has recently signed its first strategic partnership with Neovia, a leading company in the field of animal nutrition and health, with a turnover of € 1.7 billion, and operations in 28 countries.

Target Market/Potential

The AquiNovo technology provides significant value for:


  • Shortens time to optimal market weight
  • Reduces total production costs
  • Offers potential for more growth cycles to increase yield and revenues



  • May help prevent reproduction of escapees in the wild
  • Potential to eliminate or reduce the use of male hormones in tilapia farming

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CEO TV Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0x3O2C7ghY

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