MercuRemoval Ltd

Sasson Yoel (Casali), HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry

Company Profile

  • MercuRemoval developed a unique technology under the exclusive license of The Hebrew University for the removal of mercury emitted by gases of various industrial processes.
  • MercuRemoval Ltd. was founded in 2015 within Hutchison Kinrot, a leading environmental technology seed investor, owned by Hutchison Water of CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. 
  • Mercury emission is a known major environmental concern, and environmental protection agencies worldwide have been introducing increasingly stringent regulations limiting mercury emissions. 
  • MercuRemoval’s 80RT-IL™ patented technology removes all mercury forms- demonstrating exceptional mercury removal rates with significant environmental and financial benefits.
  • MercuRemoval offers a dramatic change from an environmental perspective – unlike existing technologies, the process is closed and fully regenerative with no contaminated byproducts that need to be handled.