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Computing Smart Peptides

About us:

Pepticom Ltd. is an Israeli innovative computational drug discovery company founded on December 2011, privately co-owned by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, seed investors and the scientific team that developed Pepticom's unique technology (out of Prof. Amiram Goldblum's lab). We developed an exceptional computational software, which allows for the ab-initio design of peptides that bind a target protein. These peptides can primarily serve for drug development as protein activity modulators (agonist/antagonist). The software requires only the solved structure of a target protein for designing the peptides in three-dimensional space and provides their binding modes and calculated binding energy. The peptides undergo a complex design process, until eventually converging on to a diversified peptide library of optimal binding affinity, size and solubility


To date we have launched several research projects aimed at the discovery of innovative peptides and small-molecule drug candidates for cancer, immunology, cardiovascular and central nervous system diseases (including two EUREKA label projects). Development programs are carried out either in-house or in collaboration with a network of leading universities, biotech companies, and CROs. As our programs gain momentum and are to reach preclinical development within the next year, we are open to mutually beneficial partnering opportunities and capital investments.

Our Vision:

Pepticom intends to become an important player in the pharmaceutical and related industry by employing our technology to shorten the time and decrease the costs of drug discovery.

We have discovered several promising active peptides in the following projects:

•A EUREKA label project aiming to find a wide array of Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) modulating peptides. Wide range of agonists and antagonists discovered, with potential usage in

novel vaccination technologies.

•A EUREKA label project focused on novel

Alzheimer’s disease treatment, peptides and small molecules discovered.

•Development of inhibitors for

PCSK9-LDLr interaction intended for hypercholesterolemia treatment.

•Innovative approach for new generation

diabetes type II therapeutics.

Orphan diseases focus: Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease, revolutionary peptide developed for stabilizing of mutant GBE1.

•We have over 60 solved peptide libraries for various targets.

Seeking to partner with:

We have the ability of dramatically reducing time and costs relate to peptide drug discovery. We are interested in new partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

Selected collaborators:

    Fraunhofer institute

 EMC microcollections

 TargetEx

 The Hebrew University

 Stuttgart University

Contact Information:

Dr. Maayan Elias, B.D.O., e-mail: maayan.elias@pepticom.com Mob: +972(0)54-9554990

Contact for more information:

Mel Larrosa
VP Business Development Healthcare
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