Hippy (C.Y.) International

Westheimer Miriam, HUJI, School of Education


  • HIPPY is a home-based, family-focused program that helps parents provide educational enrichment for their preschool child. HIPPY supports parents who do not feel confident to prepare their children for what they consider to be "school knowledge." Learning and play mingle throughout HIPPY's structured curriculum as parents encourage their children to recognize shapes and colors, tell stories, follow directions, solve logical problems, and acquire other school readiness skills

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  • HIPPY gives parents the tools and support they deserve to help their children learn in their own homes
  • Throughout their children's fourth and fifth years, parents receive a progressive series of 60 weekly packets of daily activities
  • Every other week they attend group meetings with other parents and HIPPY staff
  • Training is provided by paraprofessionals, themselves parents from the community
  • Supportive service via other participants and the local program coordinator
  • Opportunity for HIPPY parents to become further involved in the program by training as paraprofessionals
  • Empowers paraprofessionals by gaining job experience and development of both a sense of responsibility and crucial skills such as organizing schedules, writing reports, communicating in person, solving problems, and exercising leadership


  • HIPPY is a thoroughly integrated, community-based program with a history of successes with more than 22,000 families in nine countries


  • Miriam Westheimer, EdD
  • Pamela Lubell, PhD
  • Carol Ginsberg, MA


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