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  Category Food & Nutrition    Keywords antimicrobial peptide, antiviolence peptide, Bacillus cereus bacteria,  Quorum sensing inhibitors, Bacterial cell –cell communication, Antibiofilm, Antispores. Food poisoning  Current ...
Hayouka Zvi
  Category Food & Nutrition, Computer-aided drug discovery   Keywords Bitter, Sweet, Machine Learning, Chemical features Current development stage TRL7  System prototype demonstration Application Basic taste qualities like sweet, ...
Niv Masha
  Keywords Food Analysis, health, milk classification Current development stage TRL4 Technology validated in lab               Application The yield and the quality of milk in food industry are highly affected by udder health. Bovine ...
Feldman Yuri
Category Agriculture    Keywords Pest Control, SITOur Innovation A novel method to produce non-GMO sterile insects (without the use of radiation). The method of sterility is not expected to affect fitness. This feature is of importance in ...
Heifetz Yael