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No.CategoryTechnology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
Moshe Nazarathy, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion   Categories Optical networks, Bandwidth allocation, signal processing Development Stage Proof of concept. Research completed     Background There is an increasingly growing ...
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Marom Dan
Innovative photonics applied to boost Analog-to-Digital conversion capabilities   Background: Information is created in most cases as analog electrical signals from the physical world. Yet information is typically processed, stored, and ...
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Marom Dan
Application to Low cost – High performance Photo-Voltaic Cells   Categories Semiconductor material and devices, Photovoltaic cells    Development Stage Technology available for incorporation into existing schedulers Market Solar Energy ...
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Yerushalmi Roie
A basis for new technology of screens operated by either touch or proximity sensing   Background Touch screen is a multi-application technology with growing use in consumer products such as computers, phones, medical equipment, and a broad ...
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Yitzchaik Shlomo
New approach produces better sensitivity, resulting in improved resolution in comparison to conventional Michelson interferometer   Categories Applied Physics, Optoelectronics / Photonics,Optoelectronic Computing & Optical ...
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Levy Uriel
Semiconductor device for generating T-rays   Categories Homeland Security, Medical Imaging, Semiconductors Development Stage Full theoretical proof of concept Market Size The relevant markets are the radiation sources for homeland ...
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Shvartsman Leonid
Single detector interrogates and analyses complex signals from whole-cell biosensors   Categories Applied Physics, Optoelectronics / Photonics, Cleantech, Homeland Security, Life Science and Biotechnology, Diagnostics Development ...
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Agranat Aharon
Electrical and chemical coupling between living cells and an electronic device  Categories Bio-molecular electronics Development Stage Ongoing research Patent Status Patents granted in US, Europe,  and Japan    Highlights Electrical and ...
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Spira Micha E