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  Category Agriculture      Keywords Pest Control, SIT, Current development stage  TRL6 Technology demonstrated in relevant environment  Application The Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) is a species of fruit fly capable of ...
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Heifetz Yael
Category Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Materials, Pest Control / Herbicides, Carriers / Encapsulation, Biodegradable, Hydrocolloids, Slow Release Development Stage Proof of concept completed; looking for industrial partnerships ...
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Nussinovitch Amos
  Categories Agriculture, Pest Control / Herbicides, Biological Pest Control, Cleantech Development Stage Successful field demonstrations on cucumber, grapes and citrus  Highlights Naturally occurring, unmodified fungi could be acting as ...
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Sztejnberg Abraham
 An accurate DNA test for identifying potential carriers of Juvenile Idiopathic Epilepsy in Arabian Horses   Categories Arabian horses, Arab horses, horse breeding, blood horse, horse sperm, equine semen, artificial insemination in horses, ...
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Polani Sagi
Yousef Najajreh, Al Quds University   Reducing Body Weight and Glucose Levels  & Improving Cognitive Function Categories Small molecule, obesity Development Stage Successful demonstration of efficacy in mice Patent Status  US  Granted ...
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Avraham Yosefa
Enables in situ delivery of active ingredients where and when required Categories Veterinary Medicine /Animal Science , Human Medicine, Life Science & Biotechnology, Veterinary Formulations, Medical device, Dental Development ...
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Friedman Michael
Dried cellular hydrocolloid carriers for biological control of pathogens Categories Agriculture, Pest Control / Herbicides, Biological Pest Control, Carriers Development Stage Research completed Patent Status Granted US Patent 7,422,737 ...
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Nussinovitch Amos
Semiconductor device for generating T-rays   Categories Homeland Security, Medical Imaging, Semiconductors Development Stage Full theoretical proof of concept Market Size The relevant markets are the radiation sources for homeland ...
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Shvartsman Leonid
New, water-soluble cyclopropene extends storage and shelf life of agricultural products Categories Agriculture, post-harvest Development Stage Presently applicable for cut flowers and certain fruits and vegetables Highlights Extends ...
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Goren Raphael
Reduce soil and water contamination Categories Agriculture, pest control/herbicides, formulations Development Stage Ongoing research Patent Status US patent 7,030,062, EP patent 1363491, Israel Patent156454 Highlights High concentrations ...
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Rubin Baruch