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Categories Life Science and Biotechnology Technology Keywords: MRI, quantitative MRI, Imaging, brain structure, lipids, white matter, gray matter, aging, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer, neurodegenerative, diagnostic Development ...
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Mezer Aviv
Cyanoacrylate based tissues adhesive for internal use Categories Healthcare, Surgery Development Stage In vitro proof of concept; ongoing research Patent Status US Granted patent 12/737,920, Europe 09787558.7 Market Surgical Anastomosis, ...
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Cohn Daniel
 An accurate DNA test for identifying potential carriers of Juvenile Idiopathic Epilepsy in Arabian Horses   Categories Arabian horses, Arab horses, horse breeding, blood horse, horse sperm, equine semen, artificial insemination in horses, ...
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Polani Sagi
  A non-invasive alternative to injection, by enhancing gastric absorption   Categories Oral drug-delivery, non-invasive drug administration, gastric absorption, peptide oral formulation, tight junctions (TJs), biopharmaceutical drugs, oral ...
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Ben-Sasson Shmuel
Yousef Najajreh, Al Quds University   Reducing Body Weight and Glucose Levels  & Improving Cognitive Function Categories Small molecule, obesity Development Stage Successful demonstration of efficacy in mice Patent Status  US  Granted ...
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Avraham Yosefa
Oxygen-deficient films prove to be highly photo-reactive, efficient for decontaminating water, harnessing solar energy, and self-cleaning surfaces   Categories Coatings, Cleantech, Nano materials, Nano processes, Water technologies, Medical ...
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Yerushalmi Roie
The Invention: A new process for the conversion of rubber into small particles that swiftly adsorb 6-8 times its weight of oil or water.Consequently the granules can be used as artificial soil with unique water preservation properties. A second ...
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Sasson Yoel (Casali)
Innovative photonics applied to boost Analog-to-Digital conversion capabilities   Background: Information is created in most cases as analog electrical signals from the physical world. Yet information is typically processed, stored, and ...
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Marom Dan
Application to Low cost – High performance Photo-Voltaic Cells   Categories Semiconductor material and devices, Photovoltaic cells    Development Stage Technology available for incorporation into existing schedulers Market Solar Energy ...
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Yerushalmi Roie
Eliminating scattered light to enhance images from a single input  Categories Imaging / Computer Graphics, Image Enhancement Development Stage Research on this project completed Patent Status Granted US Patent: 8,350,933 ...
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Fattal Raanan
A basis for new technology of screens operated by either touch or proximity sensing   Background Touch screen is a multi-application technology with growing use in consumer products such as computers, phones, medical equipment, and a broad ...
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Yitzchaik Shlomo
  Categories Medical Imaging, Oral Medicine, Quantification of lesion color change Patent US 2008/0260218 A1 Need: In current practice of dermal analysis and of oral and dental lesion analysis, the physician typically observes the ...
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Smith Yoav
Enables in situ delivery of active ingredients where and when required Categories Veterinary Medicine /Animal Science , Human Medicine, Life Science & Biotechnology, Veterinary Formulations, Medical device, Dental Development ...
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Friedman Michael
Splicing factor levels predict patient prognosis and its inhibition blocks invasive cancers Categories Oncology/Cancer, RNA/Protein/Diagnosis, Biomarkers Clinical Data Between 20-80 human samples on each biomarker Therapeutic in-vivo POC ...
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Karni Rotem
High quality, fast geometric image editing Categories Imaging / Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Image Editing Development Stage Working prototype (Dedicated Server with a functional Demo) Patent Status Granted US Patent: ...
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Peleg Shmuel
Dried cellular hydrocolloid carriers for biological control of pathogens Categories Agriculture, Pest Control / Herbicides, Biological Pest Control, Carriers Development Stage Research completed Patent Status Granted US Patent 7,422,737 ...
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Nussinovitch Amos
New approach produces better sensitivity, resulting in improved resolution in comparison to conventional Michelson interferometer   Categories Applied Physics, Optoelectronics / Photonics,Optoelectronic Computing & Optical ...
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Levy Uriel
Semiconductor device for generating T-rays   Categories Homeland Security, Medical Imaging, Semiconductors Development Stage Full theoretical proof of concept Market Size The relevant markets are the radiation sources for homeland ...
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Shvartsman Leonid
Innovation allows examination of molecular structure of complex mixtures Categories Materials, Formulations, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, NMR, DOSY, chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacy, medicine Development ...
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Hoffman Roy
Computer-assisted addition of colors to monochrome images or movies Categories Imaging/Computer Graphics Development Stage Prototype implementation of the software; seeking partner for industrial trials  Highlights Computer-assisted ...
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Lischinski Daniel