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  Background Valproic acid (VPA) is a first line antiepileptic and CNS drug (Epilepsy, neuropathic pain, bipolar disorders etc) Multivalent action of VPA is highly advantageous, promising improved efficacy with reduced side effects for ...
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Bialer Meir
The present technology provides for the first time super resolved optical image of a cell in single molecule detail and with distance measurements that continuously span Angstroms to microns The technology uses single molecule localization ...
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Sherman Eilon
Category Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Materials, Pest Control / Herbicides, Carriers / Encapsulation, Biodegradable, Hydrocolloids, Slow Release Development Stage Proof of concept completed; looking for industrial partnerships ...
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Nussinovitch Amos
Thaw and go“ cell culture chip - Revolutionizing cells’ cryopreservation for fast and simple biomedical research experiments    One of the main obstacles for successful cryopreservation of cells is the irreversible damage to cells organelles ...
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Braslavsky Ido
Category LifeSciences and BioTechnology    Current development stage TRL3 - hypothesis testing and initial POC demonstrated in limited # of in-vitro modelsOur Innovation We demonstrated that recombinant human T2 RNase could inhibit tumor ...
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Shoseyov Oded
  Categories Agriculture, Pest Control / Herbicides, Biological Pest Control, Cleantech Development Stage Successful field demonstrations on cucumber, grapes and citrus  Highlights Naturally occurring, unmodified fungi could be acting as ...
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Sztejnberg Abraham
Drug-eluting stents (DES) are widely used in intravascular intervention. The current technology is based on crystallization of drug onto stent surface (with no- polymer) Coating process is resulting in high yield coatings that constantly release ...
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Domb Abraham
Stent- graft is the most common device used in Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), however only ~60% of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) patients are suitable for EVAR procedures due to complex anatomies locations.   Key Features Novel design ...
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Cohn Daniel
  A highly sensitive method for detection of biomarkers, based on formation of nanoparticle-biomarker hybrids (dimers) in the presence of a selected analyte. The project aims to develop a simple and affordable detection modality for these ...
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Porath Danny
A new method for the detection of  P. aeruginosa infections using a simple bacterial sensor that can be used to detect 2-AA. This method, as opposed to mass spectrometry analysis, is potentially cheap, easy to use and can be readily supplied ...
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Helman Yael
  Our invention is a new method for the successful synthesis of Multi-phosphorylated peptides that applies different coupling protocols and paves the way for the efficient and routine synthesis of multi-phosphorylated peptides of biological ...
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  Highlights The rupture of the aneurysmal sac, typically results in almost immediate death, with the burst of Aortic Abdominal Aneurysms (AAA) ranking as the 13th cause of mortality in the U.S.  The stent can be inserted with minimally ...
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Cohn Daniel
A new technology to treat various skin inflammations, irritations and infections, in which iodine (in its molecular form) being encapsulated within vesicles of approximately 100nm, is delivered deep into the skin. The uniqueness of the ...
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Wormser Uri
  Current Development Stage  TRL 4 – Proof of Concept and safety demonstrated in lab and animal models; results support the feasibility of human trials   Our Innovation Safe biodegradable clips that are visible in all modalities of medical ...
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Domb Abraham
Categories Antibodies, Vaccinations, Drug delivery, Immunology, Adjuvants, Alumina Development Stage In vivo proof of concept   The lack of suitable adjuvants is considered the main obstacle in the development of new vaccines against ...
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Avnir David
  Wolfram type 2 syndrome is a rare genetic disease associated with mitochondrial iron accumulation. A treatment by repurposing an approved iron chelator had dramatic clinical response of significant reduction of insulin dependence and other ...
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Nechushtai Rachel
  Category              Medical DeviceAdvantages Highly effective in impeding non-severe burns development, wound edema and blisters formation. Instant pain abolishment. Faster healing speed. Smaller burn's size and lower ...
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Touitou Elka
  Our Innovation A unique protein sequence from Hoefleo Phototropica with extremely high affinity towards biotin. The fragment of this protein was identified to have the sufficient feature of the biotin binding ...
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Livnah Oded
Project Summary A human-specific splicing variant of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor 1 (Flt1) was discovered, producing a soluble receptor (designated sFlt1-14) that is qualitatively different from the previously described ...
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Keshet Eli
Genomic big data analysis enabling better diagnostics and therapeutic approach Categories Oncology software, cancer diagnostics, personalized medicine Development Stage TRL 5  Validated in relevant operation environment Patent Status U.S. ...
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Smith Yoav