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Technology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
Categories Solar cells     Development Stage Proof of concept devices fabricated and tested       Background Large scale application of solar cells depends on attaining high solar radiation conversion efficiency, AND on further ...
Etgar Lioz
A basis for new technology of screens operated by either touch or proximity sensing   Background Touch screen is a multi-application technology with growing use in consumer products such as computers, phones, medical equipment, and a broad ...
Yitzchaik Shlomo
Harnesses the self-assembly capabilities of cellulose binding domain (CBD) Categories Agriculture, Chemistry & Materials, Biomaterials, Fibers, Textiles Development Stage Proof of concept completed    Highlights There is a great demand ...
Shoseyov Oded
Method enables tight control of electronic properties Categories Nanotechnology, Chemistry & Materials, Micro & Opto Electronics , Nano Materials and Nano Structures, Semiconductors, Nanoprocesses , Electronic / Optic / Electrooptic / ...
Banin Uri
General method for the entrapment of organic bioactive agents in a metal matrix Categories Cleantech, Environment, Water Technologies Development Stage Prototype completed   Highlights A new materials technology enables the entrapment of ...
Avnir David
Enables coating of minerals and acid-sensitive materials with conductive film. Categories Materials, Nanotechnology, Cleantech, Coatings, Nanoparticles, Energy, Solar, Electronic / Optic / Electrooptic / Photonic Development Stage Proof of ...
Lev Ovadia
Innovation allows examination of molecular structure of complex mixtures Categories Materials, Formulations, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, NMR, DOSY, chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacy, medicine Development ...
Hoffman Roy
Single detector interrogates and analyses complex signals from whole-cell biosensors   Categories Applied Physics, Optoelectronics / Photonics, Cleantech, Homeland Security, Life Science and Biotechnology, Diagnostics Development ...
Agranat Aharon