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Background Naturally occurring, unmodified fungi could be acting as biological pesticides No associated health or environmental problems Trials demonstrate control of citrus mites and grape powdery mildew, resulting in better quality and ...
Sztejnberg Abraham
Detects the fertility levels in newly-laid eggs and the gender of the embryo   Background The ability to determine the fertility level of a chicken egg and its gender significantly reduces costs of egg production. Currently, we are unable to ...
Rozenboim Israel
Yousef Najajreh, Al Quds University   Background A growing number of peoples worldwide are suffering from the health consequences of obesity. As for today, Only one drug is currently approved for long-treatment of obesity-the lipase ...
Avraham Yosefa
P. pastoris yeast enables abundant production of LH recombinant protein Background Cyprinid fish include the common carp, which is the food fish most widely produced by aquaculture worldwide, ornamental goldfish, and koi, costly fish that are ...
Levavi-Sivan Berta
Genetic modification leading to increased day/nighttime scent production 10-fold   Background Breeding for other qualities has resulted in the loss of scent in many flowers and plants. Genetically enhancing production of scent compounds and ...
Vainstein Alexander (Sasha)
Dried cellular hydrocolloid carriers for biological control of pathogens Background There is a need for a method to protect live biological control agents that have been deposited on the ground or sprayed on plants against UV radiation Viable ...
Nussinovitch Amos
  Background High concentrations of herbicides are used to compensate for loss due to leaching and surface migration. The Current Slow-release and controlled-release Herbicides are specifically designed for hydrophobic formulations, but  not ...
Rubin Baruch
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