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Accelerating Growth of Farmed Fish. With feed comprising 30%-50% of growers' operating expenses, the goal of reaching maximum fish weight while reducing production costs is a key challenge. AquiNovo's technology addresses this challenge by inhibiting fish reproduction, thus channeling the fish’s energy to accelerate growth and reach market weight faster. The technology provides a non-GMO, non-hormonal solution for enhancing fish growth.


Atox Bio is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics for the treatment of infectious and autoimmune diseases mediated by excessive T-cell response. Having developed novel immunomodulators that reduce autoimmune response, as well as novel antagonists that block the action of a family of deadly bacterial toxins termed super antigens, Atox Bio is developing products for treatment of: Infectious diseases - toxic shock (including a biodefense countermeasure against super antigen toxins) and Gram-positive septic shock, both of which are lethal and constitute a strong unmet medical need; Autoimmune diseases - including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.


BactuSense develops a nanotechnology solution for bacteria detection in any liquid. The Bactusense optical biosensor uses silicon-based microchips to detect and identify bacteria in the liquid passing through the system.
The system can work in different variations to identify specific kinds of bacteria in water, air, food, and body fluids, and can be applied in a variety of industries such as food-processing plants, hospitals, and municipal water supplies.

Betaline Therapeutics

Betalin Therapeutics is developing an Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP) to improve the quality of life for millions of people with diabetes. 
Betalin Therapeutics licensed the novel EMP technology developed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, in an exclusive worldwide agreement in 2015. The Hebrew University continues to partner with Betalin Therapeutics to support the research and development.


BioCancell is specializing in the development of patient-oriented, targeted therapy for the treatment of a wide range of cancers. Its therapeutic and diagnostic technology constitutes a novel 'search and destroy' paradigm for the targeted destruction of cancer cells - with no effect on surrounding tissue and no observed side effects - for long-term, safe treatment and prevention of cancer.

BioNanoSim Ltd.

BioNanoSim Ltd., (BNS) is an upscale company manufacturing nano-based delivery systems which are uniquely challenging for pharmaceutical development especially the production of polymeric biodegradable nanoparticles (NPs). Such NPs, once drug- loaded, integrated into an appropriate medium, and administered can potentially find their target and release their load at a regulated rate, ensuring prolonged and precise treatment.
Our efforts will focus on translating our academic knowledge into promising good manufacturing  practice clinical-stage products for improving the performance of potent drugs, drug targeting and identifying new indications for existing drugs exploiting the benefits of nanotechnology.


BriefCam is a start-up company, established to develop and commercialize video synopsis, summarization and indexing technology. The initial technology of video synopsis was developed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is licensed by BriefCam.


The world's first accurate, affordable and easy-to-use device, for the non-destructive detection, analysis and automated sorting of individual medical cannabis flowers. The Company's proprietary technology combines Near Infra-Red (NIR) spectrometry and imaging tools to provide a sensitive method to detect and quantify the active compounds of the cannabis plant and a unique spectral fingerprint for each flower. 


CollPlant is developing a production system in transgenic tobacco to manufacture human recombinant collagen I with improved thermal stability.

Futuragene (Formerly CBD TECHNOLOGIES LTD.)

In a world challenged by growing population, diminishing resources and climate change, FuturaGene’s technologies address critical challenges of plant yield enhancement and yield protection. Futuragene harness biotechnology to ensure the security and sustainability of Fiber, Fuel, and Feed.


Future Meat Technologies is a Jerusalem-based biotechnology company advancing a distributive manufacturing platform for the cost-efficient production of cultured meat. The company developed a GMO-free, unlimited cell source capable of differentiating to both muscle and fat. Future Meat Technologies aims to increase food safety and reduce ecological impact worldwide, turning the timeless vision of animal-free meat production into a reality.

GuideIn Medical

A medical device company developing a guided intubation system. The system enables a clear identification of the trachea during intubation procedures and leads the caregiver to it even in difficult situations where visualization of the trachea is limited.


Next-Generation Accelerators for Proton-Beam Therapy


HumanEyes introduces software products that enable the simple creation of panoramic 3D stereo images from ordinary photographs captured by any single still or video digital camera

InnerEye Ltd.

InnerEye is developing a unique platform that combines human visual perception, innovative classification of brainwaves and computer vision algorithms.
InnerEye provides a solution for fast, accurate, real time target detection in visual data with applications in the defence, homeland security and civilian markets.


Intec developed an effective gastro-retentive technology platform, designed for drugs with a narrow window of absorption in the stomach and duodenum.

LDS-Lyotropic Delivery Systems

LDS is a privately owned nano and biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel liquid nano-sized delivery systems. 
LDS proprietary drug delivery systems enable solubiliztion of large loads of water-insoluble and poorly-permeable drug molecules as well as bio-macromolecules, while enhancing the drug transport across the membrane.


LipoMedix is a new development-stage privately held company focused on developing Promitil ® – Pegylated Liposomal Mitomycin-C Prodrug (PL-MLP) –an innovative agent for targeted cancer therapy.


MELODEA brings new horizon for the forest, agricultural and paper industries and enables the core composite industry to reach its markets with fully green cores to be used in sandwich structures.


MobilEye was incorporated for the purpose of developing and marketing advanced products in the surging market of automated on-board driver assistant systems. The company has developed a number of proprietary algorithms and reference platforms that need only a single video camera for ACC, lane departure warning and collision mitigation. Multiple cameras are not needed for depth of scene calculation because MobilEye`s algorithms use an advanced spatio-temporal classification technique based on a novel machine learning approach that trains the system with static and dynamic visual information.

Mercu Removal Ltd.

Mercu Removal has developed a proprietary process for efficient mercury removal from gas streams.


Morflora develops a bio-based generic and non-transgenic trait introduction solution into plants and seeds, to protect them from a wide variety of diseases, as well as introduce new desired traits for plant and seed enhancement. 


NrgStorEdge accelerates Zero-emission transportation market enabling common use of safe, inexpensive Hydrogen fuel for cars.

OrCam Ltd.

OrCam was founded in 2010 with a clear mission – harness the power of artificial vision to assist people who are visually impaired. OrCam has created a technologically advanced device unique in its ability to provide visual aid through a discreet wearable platform and simple easy-to-use interface which serves to enhance the daily lives of people with vision loss. OrCam gives independence.
Developed by leading minds in the Computer Vision and Machine Learning field, our team includes dedicated software, computer and electrical engineers, hardware design experts, and a first rate customer service team, which we’re proud to say includes sighted, low vision and blind team members. Our dedicated team creates technology to help real people.


Paulee Cleantec has developed the first device in the world which removes and does away with dog waste in real time at the location where it occurred; all this without human contact or environmental pollution.

Pepticom Ltd.

Pepticom was formed in 2011, out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, with the vision of three dimensional peptide designs. Pepticom uses the solved 3D structure of a target protein to model peptides that target a specific area in its surface. These peptides can be used as drug candidates, industrial reagents and research tools. 


Phenome-Networks is a privately owned Israeli bioinformatics company that developed a web-based platform for data integration in breeding research.


Qlight develops Quantum Dots - semiconductor nanocrystals that display unique optical and electrical properties. Qlight’s nanocrystals enable light conversion from UV and blue wavelengths to any other wavelength in the visible range.

Raziel Therapeutics

Raziel Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a proprietary drug for the treatment of local fat reduction. The company is targeting obesity and related indications.


Sol-Gel develops products which enable the entrapment of organic and bioorganic molecules in glass by using a room-temperature chemical process. The initial application deals with a new formulation for existing chemical and physical sunscreens.

Seevix Material Sciences

Seevix Material Sciences is a privately held biotech company producing high strength spidersilk fibers, identical to natural fibers: six times stronger than high tensile steel but only one-fifth the weight. Through recombinant DNA technologies, we replicate the natural process of spidersilk creation. We combine our spidersilk with other materials, resulting in new composites with enhanced mechanical properties. Seevix currently targets medical applications where the combination of the fibers’ mechanical properties and biocompatibility can radically improve existing products and provide solutions for unmet medical needs.  Seevix recently began sales of SVX™gro for 3D cell culture in Japan, and we plan to introduce our next-generation surgical sutures into the market in 2020.


Tiltan Pharma’s proprietary anti-cancer platform is based on a combination of agents that target different, non-overlapping aspects of the angiogenic process. All of these agents are orally bio-available and FDA approved. The therapy cycle is a carefully timed and balanced in a patient-friendly treatment regimen that maximizes the synergistic effect of these agents and combines them into a singularly effective cancer treatment. The company’s platform technology enables an accelerated drug-discovery program.


Tissue Dynamics Ltd. is a Jerusalem-based biotechnology company that develops and provides toxicology and efficacy screening services for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. The company proprietary organ on chip technology monitors minute changes in metabolic function in real time using tissue-embedded microsensors. The microfluidic platform mimics the normal physiology of human tissue, follows circadian rhythms and is capable of detecting stress at concentrations far below the threshold of cellular damage.