Cherry tomatoes and long shelf-life tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are the world’s most popular cocktail hybrids for greenhouse production with improved shelf-life, yield, and quality. Born out of research to create long-shelf life tomatoes, their invention revolutionized the fresh market industry, both indoors and in open fields. The Daniela variety is only one example of the novel developments. Its genetic make-up combines a ripening inhibitor gene with some selected polygenes for firmness and slow ripening, together with other genes generating high yields of large, quality fruit.

Since its initial release, the Daniela was further improved and the number of built-in pest and disease resistances was greatly extended. More than 15 years after its first release, Daniela and related cultivars are considered today to be among the world’s leading greenhouse varieties. In Europe, they have become an industry standard.

Products developed by:

Prof. Haim Rabinowitch & Prof. Nachum Kedar both from the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Hebrew University