Yissum is the technology transfer company of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Founded in 1964, it is the 3rd company of its kind ever created, and has a rich tradition of innovation and commercialization. Through our efforts to identify and create breakthrough scientific research at Hebrew University, we aspire to advance commercial solutions to the most pressing global challenges facing humanity.

Some of our well-known spin-off companies include Mobileye, Orcam, Collplant, Qlight, and Briefcam. Yissum’s business partners span the globe and include companies such as Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Intel, Google, Boston Scientific, ICL and many more.

Since its inception, Yissum has registered over 11,000 patents, with over 3,050 inventions; licensed over 1,100 technologies and established over 200 spin-off companies.
Mission & Core Values
Yissum serves as a bridge between cutting-edge academic research and a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry organizations. Yissum’s expertise in innovation, collaboration, and operational excellence supports the commercialization of Hebrew University’s transformational and translational discoveries.
Through our activities, we facilitate:

► Long-term industry-university collaborations through sponsored research, licensing options and master collaborations.

► Start-up creation and support

► Enterprise directed research

► Leverage of government research funds

► Education and training within and outside the university

Nurturing the Early Stages
Yissum believes in nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs and ideas in their earliest stages. Through our various sponsorship and participation in vehicles dedicated to IDEATION, we support the development of early stage research while providing access to top level education and training, including guidance and feedback from experienced mentors.

HUJI INNOVATE The Hebrew University Entrepreneurship Center, is a partnership between Yissum, the Hebrew University Faculty of Science, and the University Daniel and Raphael Recanti Jerusalem School of Business Administration.  HUJI Innovate provides mentorship and support to Hebrew university students, alumni, faculty members and staff to develop and launch start up ideas. HUJI Innovate guides aspiring entrepreneurs in the basics of translating innovation into commercial ideas. For advanced entrepreneurial teams, HUJI Innovate mentors product launch, funding and growth issues. 

Labs/02 is Jerusalem based value-added incubator committed to investing in early stage start-ups in the AI, computer vision, deep learning, autonomic transportation and smart city sectors. It is backed by OurCrowd, Motorola Solutions, Reliance Industries, Israel Innovation Authority, and Yissum.

BioDesign,The Hebrew University medical innovation accelerator is a partnership between Yissum, the Grass Center for Bioengineering, the Jerusalem School of Business Administration and the Hadassah Medical Center. The program creates multidisciplinary groups of medical, engineering and business fellows, providing clinical immersion, market analysis, intellectual property support, prototyping and business plan backing with the intent of guiding the groups to bring medical innovation to the market. BioDesign has launched 7 spinoffs since its inception in 2013, raising over $3 million in investment.