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January 11, 2016
Yissum patented new cane for the blind as shown on Ch-10 report on the...
January 5, 2016
Yissum Startup CollPlant Received Patent Approval for Resillin-Based...

CollPlant is a clinical stage regenerative Medicine Company focused on developing and commercializing tissue repair products, initially for orthobiologics and advanced wound care markets. Our products are based on our rhCollagen (recombinant...

December 16, 2015
Israeli biomed’s novel technology could cure diabetes

Yissum's start up Betalin Therapeutics is developing an engineered micro-pancreas (EMP) that can sustain significant levels of glucose-regulated insulin secretion from transplanted beta cells.

December 15, 2015
Lamborghini-Like 3D Printer Guns For $100b Market

They are at the heart of every electronic device. Yet the way printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are made, hasn't changed in decades. Enter Israeli startup Nano Dimension. It's looking to disrupt this 100 billion-dollar market with an all-new 3D...

December 8, 2015
Appetite suppressor? Atox flesh-eating bug phase III dials down immune reply

Enter AB103, a rationally designed short peptide that modulates the inflammatory response by binding to the CD28 dimer interface. Ness Ziona, Israel-based Atox has just launched the phase III study called ACCUTE, a rough acronym for "AB103...

December 6, 2015
Germs are no match for NanoLock’s antimicrobial nanomaterial

Within the next 24 months, the Israeli company NanoLock expects to win regulatory clearance for its first two products embedded with a novel antimicrobial nanomaterial developed in the lab of Prof. Ervin Weiss, former head of prosthodontics at...

December 2, 2015
The New Startup that will improve the lives of diabetic patients [Hebrew]

YIssum's startup Betaline Therapeutics is currently in pre clinical studies. 

November 23, 2015
Briefcam's video synopsis technology on increasing demand to assist with...

Yissum's startup Briefcam creates video synopsis of important events of survailance camera footage. 

November 10, 2015
Betalin Therapeutics Introduces Novel Approach to Treat Diabetes Results...

Betalin Therapeutics strives to cure diabetes by a single transplant of its proprietary Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP), that provides  significant levels of glucose-regulated insulin secretion over extended periods of time. The company was...

November 9, 2015
New fund aims to bring Israeli agritech marvels to the world

Hebrew University’s Yissum tech transfer company sets out to commercialize local innovative agricultural technologies

November 1, 2015
Nano Dimension Continues to Write History of 3D Printed Electronics

Nano Dimension’s novel and proprietary technologies enable the use of conductive ink for ultra-rapid prototyping of complex, high-performance, multilayer printed circuit boards. The company’s DragonFly 2020 3D PCB printer is the result of...

October 27, 2015
Yissum Announces Agritech Innovation Fund

Agrinnovation announced today the closing of a U.S. $4.0 million first round of financing. The round of investment was led by the Victor Smorgon Group from Australia. Other investors include Yissum and the Provident Fund of the Employees of the...