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March 8, 2017
Hebrew U's Yissum to bring innovative home-schooling program to China and Korea

An Israeli initiative that empowers parents to take the reins in educating their preschoolers is now about to expand to China and South Korea.
Aiming to equip parents to become their child’s first teacher, the Home Instruction for Parents and...

February 19, 2017
5 reasons Israel is dominating the cannabis industry

From research to agricultural and technical innovation and liberal government policies, Israel is a central hub for advancing medical cannabis.

February 7, 2017
MercuRemoval’s Technology Demonstrates Unparalleled Success in Mercury...

 MercuRemoval, developer of gas treatment solutions, recently announced successful results of a trial in which its technology demonstrated dramatically high efficiency in removing mercury from flue gas emission, with mercury absorption and...

January 16, 2017
Jerusalem of tech: How the capital has given Tel Aviv a run for its start-up...

The sleepy capital is becoming a hi-tech hub to be reckoned with.

January 15, 2017
Kitov Enters Immuno-Oncology Field Through Acquisition of Yissum's TyrNovo

TyrNovo is developing NT219, a small molecule originally developed by Dr. Hadas Reuveni and Prof. Alexander Levitzki at the Hebrew University, and exclusively licensed from Yissum, the Hebrew University Research Development Company. TyrNovo...

December 24, 2016
Cannabis Rules the Israeli startup scene [Hebrew]

No less than 50 Israeli start ups currently develop Cannabis-related technologies, and the Hebrew University's new startup CannabiTech is here to make a change. 

December 6, 2016
Israeli cannabis-based nanotech droplets start US sales

Nutraceutical pain reliever makes use of marijuana’s CBD compound, doesn’t make you high.
Sales based on Israeli startup Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) Biotech‘s nanotechnology have started in the US. The commercial launch of its...

November 27, 2016
What if your smartphone is out of touch?

The potential of the students' project was first identified at a science fair by Tamir Huberman a business development specialist for the university's for-profit company, Yissum, which aims to turn the best ideas originated at the university into...

November 16, 2016
High on the horizon: A glimpse into Israel’s budding Medical Cannabis industry

Still controversial in the US, Israel is leading the way to develop the next generation of Medical Cannabis.
Just last month, Yissum (the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University) announced that Agrinnovation, its investment fund...

November 3, 2016
Atox Bio Announces Independent Safety Monitoring Committee Recommendation...

Atox Bio, a clinical stage company developing novel immunemodulators for critically ill patients with severe infections, today announced the independent Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) completed its pre-planned safety review of the first 50...

November 2, 2016
Israeli scientists see breakthrough in AIDS cure

Drug now being tested causes HIV-infected cells to self-destruct without harming the rest of the body

September 28, 2016
Hebrew U fund invests in cannabis sorting technology

Agrinnovation puts money into Cannabi-Tech, developer of an analysis device for medical marijuana flowers