Yissum Makes A Splash at BioMed

Tuesday May 15th, Session: Novel Clinical Trial Designs and Technologies to Accelerate Drug Development
12:35-12:50 BatSheva Kerem, SpliSense: “Antisense Oligonucleotide Based Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis”
Splisense is one of our HUnicorns.
Wednesday May 16th, Session: Nanomedicine and its Role in New Medical Therapeutics
Session 3: Nanotechnology Up-scaling Challenges: From Bench to the Market
16:30-16:45 Prof. Simon Benita, PhD, Head of Nano Delivery Systems, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Challenges in the Development and Up-scaling of Drug-loaded Nanoparticles”
May 16th Session: From Academic Research to Industry
Panel with Yaron Daniely
12:00-12:35 Panel: Looking at Both Sides of the Curtain with Technology Transfer – New Technology Transfer Practices, the Convergence of Digital Technology into the Pharma World, Commercializing Platforms, and Better Understanding of what is Driving TTO Policy
Session: From Academic Research to Industry
16:10-16:30 Showcase of New Start-ups from Academia Part 2 of 3
Tomer Behor, CEO, RenewSenses;