Researcher interests: Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (qMRI): developing methodologies to measure changes in local brain macromolecule volume and composition. Computing biophysical brain tissue characterizations; studies of the neural and cellular bases of development and aging, disease process and behavior.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

ady zelman, Aviv Mezer, roey schurr
subdividing the superior longitudinal fasciculus using local quantitative mri (2020)| NeuroImage| Read more
adi kol, batsheva weisinger, Aviv Mezer, noga salamon, Oshrat Shtangel, Sagiv Shifman, shir filo
disentangling molecular alterations from water content changes in the aging human brain using quantitative mri (2019)| Nature Communications| Read more
Aviv Mezer, roey schurr, shir filo
tractography delineation of the vertical occipital fasciculus using quantitative t1 mapping (2019)| NeuroImage| Read more
jonathan s bain, Aviv Mezer, shir filo
the robust and independent nature of structural sts asymmetries (2019)| Brain Structure & Function| Read more
Aviv Mezer, shai berman, shir filo
modeling conduction delays in the corpus callosum using mri measured g ratio (2019)| NeuroImage| Read more
Ariel Rokem, jason d yeatman, jonathan s bain, Aviv Mezer, roey schurr
evaluating arcuate fasciculus laterality measurements across dataset and tractography pipelines (2019)| Human Brain Mapping| Read more
cory k dodson, heidi m feldman, katherine e travis, maria r h castro, Aviv Mezer, michal benshachar, shai berman
more than myelin probing white matter differences in prematurity with quantitative t1 and diffusion mri (2019)| NeuroImage: Clinical| Read more
atsushi miyazaki, hiromasa takemura, hiroshi horiguchi, keigo shikishima, kenji matsumoto, Aviv Mezer, shumpei ogawa, tadashi nakano, yoichiro masuda
diffusivity and quantitative t1 profile of human visual white matter tracts after retinal ganglion cell damage (2019)| NeuroImage: Clinical| Read more
anthony m norcia, jason d yeatman, Aviv Mezer, roey schurr, shumpei ogawa, Yiran Duan
tractography optimization using quantitative t1 mapping in the human optic radiation (2018)| NeuroImage| Read more
ali khatibi, jeni chen, julien cohenadad, kristina martinu, marieclaude guertin, Aviv Mezer, nikola stikov, pierre rainville, simon levy
correction test retest reliability of myelin imaging in the human spinal cord measurement errors versus region and aging induced variations (2018)| PLOS ONE| Read more

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