Researcher interests: Research Interests Drug addiction: finding the neural changes that underlie the development of addiction to drugs of abuse and cause relapse. Obesity and motivational eating: investigating the involvement of pathology in the reward circuitry in obesity.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

dorrit inbar, Yonatan Kupchik, shanee mesner, shani gendelis, shira menahem
chronic calorie dense diet drives differences in motivated food seeking between obesity prone and resistant mice (2019)| Addiction Biology| Read more
andrew lawrence, constanza garciakeller, danielle schwartz, david spanswick, kelsey ann jordan, Yonatan Kupchik, peter kalivas, robyn brown, sade spencer, stephanie simonds, thomas jhou
addiction like synaptic impairments in diet induced obesity (2017)| Biological Psychiatry| Read more
anaclara bobadilla, daniela neuhofer, griffin siegel, jasper heinsbroek, Yonatan Kupchik, peter kalivas, william griffin
loss of plasticity in the d2 accumbens pallidal pathway promotes cocaine seeking (2017)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more
Yonatan Kupchik, peter kalivas
the direct and indirect pathways of the nucleus accumbens are not what you think (2017)| Neuropsychopharmacology| Read more
anaclara bobadilla, bollati, cassandra gipson, constanza garciakeller, douglas robertswolfe, esparza, jasper heinsbroek, Yonatan Kupchik, liliana cancela, peter kalivas, robyn brown, sade spencer
glutamatergic mechanisms of comorbidity between acute stress and cocaine self administration (2016)| Molecular Psychiatry| Read more
alexander smith, cassandra gipson, douglas robertswolfe, jasper heinsbroek, Yonatan Kupchik, michael scofield, peter kalivas, sade spencer
the nucleus accumbens mechanisms of addiction across drug classes reflect the importance of glutamate homeostasis (2016)| Pharmacological Reviews| Read more
Yonatan Kupchik, michael stefanik, peter kalivas
optogenetic inhibition of cortical afferents in the nucleus accumbens simultaneously prevents cue induced transient synaptic potentiation and cocaine seeking behavior (2016)| Brain Structure & Function| Read more
danielle schwartz, jasper heinsbroek, Yonatan Kupchik, Mary Kay Lobo, peter kalivas, robyn brown
coding the direct indirect pathways by d1 and d2 receptors is not valid for accumbens projections (2015)| Nature Neuroscience| Read more
cassandra gipson, Yonatan Kupchik, michael stefanik, peter kalivas, robyn brown
p 6 e 001 when motivation becomes maladaptive similarities between drug addiction and obesity (2015)| European Neuropsychopharmacology| Read more
cassandra gipson, Yonatan Kupchik, michael scofield, neringa stankeviciute, peter kalivas
contributions of glial glutamate transport and nmda receptors in nicotine relapse (2015)| Drug and Alcohol Dependence| Read more

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