Researcher interests: Catalysis. Green chemistry. Nanoscience. Biofuel formation. Alternative energy.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Elad Gross, Linoy Dery, Daniel Mandler, netta bruchielspanier, noam tal, Shahar Dery
effect of matrix nanoparticle interactions on recognition of aryldiazonium nanoparticle imprinted matrices (2019)| Nano Research| Read more
adam grippo, gregory johnson, Elad Gross, konstantinos goulas, paul dietrich, Shahar Dery, young chung wang
x ray tomography measurements identify structure reactivity correlations in catalysts for oxygenates coupling reactions (2018)| Catalysis Today| Read more
gal horesh, gerald falkenberg, Elad Gross, jan garrevoet, kathryn spiers, marini, mazal carmiel, sally nijem, Shahar Dery
bimetallic pt re nanoporous networks synthesis characterization and catalytic reactivity (2018)| Journal of Physical Chemistry C| Read more
einav amit, Elad Gross, Shahar Dery
identifying catalytic reactions on single nanoparticles (2018)| Topics in Catalysis| Read more
fei, Elad Gross, huicheng, jianmei chen, jiaqi, lei chen, lin jiang, peipei yang, qiao zhang, qipeng liu, qixuan zhong, yong
high yield synthesis of au ag right bipyramids and self assembly into four leaf clover like structures (2018)| Particle & Particle Systems Characterization| Read more
carr, delia milliron, Elad Gross, hans bechtel, markus raschke, mengkun liu, michael james martin, omar khatib, robert johns, stephanie gilbert corder, tiger tao, toste
single nano particle plasmons catalysis and substrate engineering studied with synchrotron infrared nano spectroscopy (2018)| Bulletin of the American Physical Society| Read more
albano cossaro, alberto verdini, david haddad, dean toste, Elad Gross, luca floreano, Shahar Dery, suhong kim
identifying site dependent reactivity in oxidation reactions on single pt particles (2018)| Chemical Science| Read more
chungyeh, dean toste, Elad Gross, hans bechtel, michael martin, william wolf, yehonatan levartovsky
high spatial resolution mapping of catalytic reactions on single particles (2017)| Nature| Read more
tuning product selectivity by changing the size of catalytically active metallic nanoparticles (2017)| Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis| Read more
bridging model and real catalysts general discussion ()| Faraday Discussions| Read more

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