Researcher interests: Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. Specifically: (universal) grammatical and semantic representation; semantic machine translation; semantic parsing; latent variable models for NLP; evaluation of text-to-text generation; corpus annotation.
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science
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Selected Publications

Omri Abend, Leshem Choshen
Inherent Biases in Reference-based Evaluation for Grammatical Error Correction and Text Simplification (2018)| ACL| Read more
Omri Abend, Ari Rappoport, Elior Sulem
Simple and Effective Text Simplification Using Semantic and Neural Methods (2018)| ACL| Read more
Omri Abend, Ari Rappoport, Daniel Hershcovich
A Transition-Based Directed Acyclic Graph Parser for UCCA (2017)| ACL | Read more
Omri Abend, Ari Rappoport
Universal Conceptual Cognitive Annotation (UCCA) (2013)| ACL | Read more
Neutralizing linguistically problematic annotations in unsupervised dependency parsing evaluation (2011)| ACM| Read more
Fully unsupervised core-adjunct argument classification (2010)| ACM| Read more
Unsupervised argument identification for Semantic Role Labeling (2009)| ACM| Read more

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