Researcher interests: Insect olfaction. Odorant receptor function in insects. Mode of action of insect repellents. Ecological context of odorant receptor function.
DEPARTMENT: Entomology

Selected Publications

amir dekel, Jonathan Bohbot, Esther Yakir
the evolutionarily conserved indolergic receptors of the non hematophagous elephant mosquito toxorhynchites amboinensis (2019)| Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology| Read more
Jonathan Bohbot, david ruel, Esther Yakir
supersensitive odorant receptor underscores pleiotropic roles of indoles in mosquito ecology (2019)| Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience| Read more
amir dekel, Jonathan Bohbot, Esther Yakir
indolergic receptors of the elephant mosquito toxorhynchites amboinensis (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
autar mattoo, Jonathan Bohbot, danijela misic, jackson sparks, joseph dickens, marijana skoric, mihailo ristic
chemosensory responses to the repellent nepeta essential oil and its major component nepetalactone by aedes aegypti diptera culicidae a vector of zika virus (2017)| Journal of Medical Entomology| Read more
amir dekel, Jonathan Bohbot, Esther Yakir, pitts
evolutionarily conserved odorant receptor function questions ecological context of octenol role in mosquitoes (2016)| Scientific Reports| Read more
the narrowing olfactory landscape of insect odorant receptors (2015)| Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution| Read more
Jonathan Bohbot, jackson sparks, joseph dickens
olfactory disruption toward controlling important insect vectors of disease (2015)| Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science| Read more
Jonathan Bohbot, Eunho Suh, laurence zwiebel
peripheral olfactory signaling in insects (2014)| Current opinion in insect science| Read more
Jonathan Bohbot, daniel strickman, laurence zwiebel
the future of insect repellent discovery and development (2014)| Outlooks on Pest Management| Read more

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