Researcher interests: Visual memory. Interactions between eye movements and visual perception; mechanisms of visual working memory. Visual deficits and immediate forgetting in healthy individuals and patients with neurological disorders.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology

Selected Publications

Yoni Pertzov, Tal Makovski
Attention and memory protection: Interactions between retrospective attention cueing and interference (2015)| Taylor and Francis online| Read more
Avishai Henik, Yoni Pertzov, Shai Gabay
Orienting of attention, pupil size, and the norepinephrine system (2010)| Springer Link | Read more
Ehud Zohary, Galia Avidan, Yoni Pertzov
Accumulation of visual information across multiple fixations (2009)| ARVO Journals| Read more

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