Researcher interests: Visual memory. Interactions between eye movements and visual perception; mechanisms of visual working memory. Visual deficits and immediate forgetting in healthy individuals and patients with neurological disorders.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology

Selected Publications

gershon benshakhar, oryah lancrydayan, Yoni Pertzov, tal nahari
detecting concealed familiarity using eye movements the role of task demands (2019)| Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications| Read more
hagar azulay, Salomon Israel, nitzan guy, Yoni Pertzov, ran r hassin, rasha kardosh, yarden weiss
a novel perceptual trait gaze predilection for faces during visual exploration (2019)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Yoni Pertzov, talya sadeh
scale invariant characteristics of forgetting toward a unifying account of hippocampal forgetting across short and long timescales (2019)| Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience| Read more
ganit kupershmidt, oryah c lancrydayan, Yoni Pertzov
been there seen that done that modification of visual exploration across repeated exposures (2019)| Journal of Vision| Read more
netta levin, nitzan guy, noa raz, Yoni Pertzov, pieter b de best, serge o dumoulin, tamir benhur
role of population receptive field size in complex visual dysfunctions a posterior cortical atrophy model (2019)| JAMA Neurology| Read more
gershon benshakhar, oryah lancrydayan, Yoni Pertzov, t nahri
memory detection with eye movement measures the role of task demands (2018)| International Journal of Psychophysiology| Read more
dana krill, Galia Avidan, Yoni Pertzov
the rapid forgetting of faces (2018)| Frontiers in Psychology| Read more
haggar cohendallal, isaac fradkin, Yoni Pertzov
are stronger memories forgotten more slowly no evidence that memory strength influences the rate of forgetting (2018)| PLOS ONE| Read more
antoinette oconnor, douglas jane, ivanna m pavisic, jennifer m nicholas, jessica a collins, keir yong, kirsty macpherson, masud husain, natalie s ryan, nick c fox, Yoni Pertzov, philip sj weston, sebastian j crutch, yuying liang
visual short term binding deficit in familial alzheimer s disease a longitudinal study (2018)| Alzheimers & Dementia| Read more
gershon benshakhar, oryah lancrydayan, Yoni Pertzov, tal nahari
do you know him gaze dynamics toward familiar faces on a concealed information test (2018)| Journal of applied research in memory and cognition| Read more
Yoni Pertzov, tal seidel malkinson, Ehud Zohary
turning symbolic the representation of motion direction in working memory (2016)| Frontiers in Psychology| Read more
Asher Cohen, moran israel, Yoni Pertzov
exogenous retro cue modulates the precision of visual working memory (2015)| Journal of Vision| Read more

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