Lecturer, Law Faculty and Department of Internatio
Researcher interests: Public international law. Private international law. European Union (EU) law. International trade. Dispute resolution. Regional economic integration. Peace promotion. Privatization.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
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Selected Publications

elisha jacobsen, Guy Harpaz
the israeli collective memory and the masada syndrome a political instrument to counter the eu funding of israeli non governmental human rights organizations (2017)| Mediterranean Politics| Read more
being unfaithful to one s own principles the israeli supreme court and house demolitions in the occupied palestinian territories (2014)| Israel Law Review| Read more
normative power europe and the state of israel an illegitimate eutopia (2010)| Journal of Common Market Studies| Read more
the israeli supreme court and the incremental expansion of the scope of discretion under belligerent occupation law (2010)| Israel Law Review| Read more
the lisbon reform treaty internal and external implications (2008)| European Journal of Law Reform| Read more
the palestinian authority and sovereign immunity in israeli courts ca jer 4049 02 agudat moreshet elon moreh v the state of israel (2007)| Israel Law Review| Read more
the new israeli anti dumping legislation one more modest step in israel s gradual advance from unilateralism towards trans national co operation (2006)| Israel Law Review| Read more
israel law and business guide edited by alon kaplan kluwer law and taxation publishers deventer boston 1994 pp 532 hardbound us 88 (1995)| Israel Law Review| Read more

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