Judge Bazil Wunsh Professor of Criminal Law
Researcher interests: Criminal law: justifications of punishment; penal policy. The structure of criminal liability; culpability and complicity. Criminal law defenses. Constitutional restraints on criminal liability. The overuse of criminal law in time of crisis.
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Selected Publications

Florian Jessberger, Miriam Gur-Arye
The Protection of Human Dignity in Interrogations: May Interrogative Torture Ever Be Tolerated? Reflections in Light of Recent German and Israeli Experiences (2013)| Cambridge university press| Read more
Miriam Gur-Arye, Thomas Weigend
Constitutional Review of Criminal Prohibitions Affecting Human Dignity and Liberty: German and Israeli Perspectives (2013)| Cambridge university press| Read more
Justifying the Distinction Between Justifications and Power (Justifications vs. Power) (2010)| Springer Link | Read more

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