Researcher interests: International taxation. Corporate taxation. Taxation of financial instruments. Tax policy; tax exempt organizations. Welfare law and policy. Pension law and policy. Labor law.
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Selected Publications

corporate political agency (2015)| | Read more
who should decide whether the apple is rotten tax disclosure and corporate political agency (2014)| Columbia Journal of Tax Law| Read more
how to redistribute a critical examination of mechanisms to promote global wealth redistribution (2014)| University of Toronto Law Journal| Read more
rethinking the source of the arm s length transfer pricing problem (2013)| Virginia Tax Review [P]| Read more
Ilan Benshalom, yaron lahav
will high paying jobs go abroad labour shifting responses to formulary allocation (2013)| Australian Tax Forum| Read more
rethinking international distributive justice fairness as insurance (2012)| | Read more
Ilan Benshalom, kendra stead
realization and progressivity (2011)| Columbia Journal of Tax Law| Read more
Ilan Benshalom, reuven aviyonah
formulary apportionment myths and prospects promoting better international tax policy and utilizing the misunderstood and under theorized formulary alternative (2010)| | Read more
how to live with a tax code with which you disagree doctrine optimal tax common sense and the debt equity distinction (2010)| North Carolina Law Review| Read more
formulary apportionment myths and prospects ()| | Read more

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