Researcher interests: Neural mechanisms of visual perception and memory. Functional neural coding schemes. Noise and plasticity in neurons and their implications for neural computation.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
Contact Business Development: Shani Bullock

Selected Publications

ayelet mckyton, caterin schreiber, itay ben zion, Ehud Zohary, Ehud (Udi) Zohary
impairment of vision for action functions in the newly sighted following early onset and prolonged visual deprivation (2018)| Journal of Vision| Read more
ilana naveh, yuval porat, Ehud Zohary, Ehud (Udi) Zohary
exogenous orienting of peri saccadic spatial attention (2018)| Journal of Vision| Read more
learning to see through the saccadic veil (2018)| Journal of Vision| Read more
left unilateral neglect is greater for non namable than for namable objects in recognition memory (2018)| Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine| Read more
turning symbolic the representation of motion direction in working memory (2016)| Frontiers in Psychology| Read more
fingerprints of learned object recognition seen in the fmri activation patterns of lateral occipital complex (2015)| Cerebral Cortex| Read more
ayelet mckyton, itay benzion, ravid doron, Ehud Zohary, Ehud (Udi) Zohary
the limits of shape recognition following late emergence from blindness (2015)| Current Biology| Read more
position and identity information available in fmri patterns of activity in human visual cortex (2015)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more
elior moreh, nachum soroker, tal seidel malkinson, Ehud Zohary, Ehud (Udi) Zohary
visual memory in unilateral spatial neglect immediate recall versus delayed recognition (2014)| Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience| Read more
lior shmuelof, michal eisenberg, Eilon Vaadia, Ehud Zohary, Ehud (Udi) Zohary
the representation of visual and motor aspects of reaching movements in the human motor cortex (2011)| The Journal of Neuroscience| Read more

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