Researcher interests: Plant circadian rhythms.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

ayelet kurtz, ekaterina shor, enamul huq, Rachel Green, inyup paik, raya potavskaya
pif mediated sucrose regulation of the circadian oscillator is light quality and temperature dependent (2018)| Genes| Read more
adi turjeman, ariane anidjar, duaa hussien, ekaterina shor, Rachel Green, keren goldberg, Miriam Hassidim, yuri dakhiya
circadian clock associated1 cca1 and the circadian control of stomatal aperture (2017)| Plant Physiology| Read more
Guy Bloch, Rachel Green, noam barshai, yotam cytter
time is honey circadian clocks of bees and flowers and how their interactions may influence ecological communities (2017)| Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B| Read more
ekaterina shor, enamul huq, Rachel Green, inyup paik, shlomit kangisser
phytochrome interacting factors mediate metabolic control of the circadian system in arabidopsis (2017)| New Phytologist| Read more
duaa hussien, Eyal Fridman, Rachel Green, moshe kiflawi, yuri dakhiya
correlations between circadian rhythms and growth in challenging environments (2017)| Plant Physiology| Read more
ekaterina shor, Rachel Green
the impact of domestication on the circadian clock (2016)| Trends in Plant Science| Read more
ekaterina shor, Rachel Green, Miriam Hassidim
the use of fluorescent proteins to analyze circadian rhythms (2014)| Methods of Molecular Biology| Read more
Dror Hilman, Esther Yakir, Rachel Green, Ido Kron, Miriam Hassidim, naomi melamedbook
cell autonomous and cell type specific circadian rhythms in arabidopsis (2011)| Plant Journal| Read more
dorothee staiger, Rachel Green
rna based regulation in the plant circadian clock (2011)| Trends in Plant Science| Read more
Esther Yakir, Rachel Green, shai yerushalmi
circadian clocks and adaptation in arabidopsis (2011)| Molecular Ecology| Read more

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