Researcher interests: The physical chemistry of biologically relevant macromolecules; theore- tical study of the forces that act between and within macromolecules. Protein folding and interactions in stressed or crowded environments, with emphasis on the role of water and osmolytes in macromolecular stability. Lipid membranes as complex environments for proteins and other biomacromolecules.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Assaf FRIEDLER, Daniel Harries, Lior Ziserman, Regina Politi, Shahar Sukenik
Crowding Alone Cannot Account for Cosolute Effect on Amyloid Aggregation (2011)| Plos One| Read more
Georg Pabst, George Khelashvili, Daniel Harries
Cholesterol Orientation and Tilt Modulus in DMPC Bilayers (2010)| ACS publications| Read more
Dan Ben-Yaakov, David Andelman, Daniel Harries, Rudi Podgornik
Beyond standard Poisson–Boltzmann theory: ion-specific interactions in aqueous solutions (2009)| IOP Science| Read more

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