Researcher interests: Comparative physiology. Endocrinology of reproduction. Folliculogenesis. Small animal reproduction. Equine reproduction - clinical methods; equine embryo transfer. Advanced reproduction techniques. Uterine diseases. Male reproduction. Spermatology; semen cryopreservation.
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Selected Publications

adam jelinski, batya cohen, filip bochner, hanoch tempelhof, julian nicenboim, karina yaniv, michal neeman, ofra golani, raya eilam, Tal Raz, ron even, roni oren, shifra bendor, shlomi lazar, yoseph addadi
bach family members regulate angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis by modulating vegfc expression (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
boris yakobson, liat morgan, Tal Raz
239 stray and abandoned dog overpopulation management israel s unique system (2019)| Journal of Animal Science| Read more
beata itinaswartz, jerrold s meyer, lee koren, liat morgan, Tal Raz
306 welfare implications of husbandry procedures impair piglets welfare and production and farms economic (2019)| Journal of Animal Science| Read more
ahmad younis, beata itinshwartz, devorah matas, jerrold s meyer, Eyal Klement, lee koren, liat morgan, nathalie weizmann, olja rapaic, Tal Raz, shiri novak, weissam abu ahmad
physiological and economic benefits of abandoning invasive surgical procedures and enhancing animal welfare in swine production (2019)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Itamar Aroch, michal mazakitovi, Tal Raz, shaked druker, shiri novak, smadar tal
evaluation of two chemiluminescent assays compared with radioimmunoassay for serum progesterone measurement in bitches (2019)| Theriogenology| Read more
liat morgan, Tal Raz
providing meaningful environmental enrichment and measuring saliva cortisol in pigs housed on slatted flooring (2019)| Journal of Visualized Experiments| Read more
a j tatz, g kelmer, g l oreff, Tal Raz, roee dahan
surgical management of foreign body obstruction of the small and large colons in 29 equids 2004 2016 (2019)| Equine Veterinary Education| Read more
noa kedemvaanunu, rahul dutta, Tal Raz, ron sicsic, Nahum Y Shpigel, t goshen, veronica kaplanshabtai, Yuval Gottlieb, Zohar Pasternak
microbial communities and inflammatory response in the endometrium differ between normal and metritic dairy cows at 5 10 days post partum (2018)| Veterinary Research| Read more
ahmad younis, elad eliahoo, gila abells sutton, Eyal Klement, liat morgan, Tal Raz, shiri novak, wiessam abuahmad
effects of group housing on reproductive performance lameness injuries and saliva cortisol in gestating sows (2018)| Preventive Veterinary Medicine| Read more
i gunther, Eyal Klement, Tal Raz
association of neutering with health and welfare of urban free roaming cat population in israel during 2012 2014 (2018)| Preventive Veterinary Medicine| Read more

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