Researcher interests: The unifying theme of our group is discovery and design of advanced molecular intermediates able to serve as common platforms for synthesis of various, structurally related (proceeding from same key subunit) compounds – potential therapeutic agents and drug candidates. Unlike existing classic synthetic “target-directed” methods, our constructing methodology offers conceptually new perspective, enabling to deliver multiple targets via sequence of controlled, simple and atom economy reactions from a single common molecular unit; thus, providing simplified access to a wide variety of important classes of biologically active and structurally interesting molecules.Building upon the foundations of synthetic organic chemistry, the research program of our group invokes a broad interdisciplinary collaboration with other fields such as, medicinal chemistry, organometallic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and medicine.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Adi Lahiani, david lankri, dikla haham, Philip Lazarovici, Dmitry Tsvelikhovsky
methylene cycloalkylacetate mca scaffold based compounds as novel neurotropic agents (2017)| ACS Chemical Neuroscience| Read more
gilad noy, Avi Priel, Rakesh Kumar, Dmitry Tsvelikhovsky, yelena mostinski
tricyclic spirolactones as modular trpv1 synthetic agonists (2017)| ACS Chemical Neuroscience| Read more
concise palladium catalyzed synthesis of dibenzodiazepines and structural analogs ()| PMC| Read more
palladium catalyzed cyclization of free hydroxyalkenoic acids regio and chemoselective access to methylene lactones ()| Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis| Read more
synthesis of tricyclic spiranoid lactones via i2 sm ii and i2 pd 0 mediated cyclizations of a common cycloalkylmethylene precursor ()| Journal of Organic Chemistry| Read more
cascade pd ii catalyzed wacker lactonization heck reaction rapid assembly of spiranoid lactones ()| Chemical Communications| Read more
stereo and regioselective synthesis of tricyclic spirolactones by diastereoisomeric differentiation of a collective key precursor ()| Chemistry: A European Journal| Read more
transition metal catalyzed synthesis of spirolactones ()| Synthesis| Read more
multifaceted α enaminone adaptable building block for synthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds through conceptually distinct 1 2 1 3 1 4 and c o bond forming annulations ()| Journal of Organic Chemistry| Read more
palladium catalyzed cascade assembly of tricyclic spiroethers from diene alcohol precursors ()| Journal of Organic Chemistry| Read more

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