Researcher interests: Experimental investigations of electronic transport in devices consisting of novel materials (especially materials where unusual electronic dynamics take place, e.g., grapheme and topological insulators), using nano-fabrication techniques.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

enrico rossi, Hadar Steinberg, yohanes gani
superconductivity in twisted graphene rm nbse_2 heterostructures (2019)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.00475| Read more
aprili, charis quay, Hadar Steinberg, tom dvir
tunneling into the vortex state of nbse2 with van der waals junctions (2018)| Nano Letters| Read more
aprili, charis quay, Maxim Khodas, lotan attias, massee, Hadar Steinberg, tom dvir
spectroscopy of bulk and few layer superconducting nbse 2 with van der waals tunnel junctions (2018)| Nature Communications| Read more
avi klein, Omri Gat, gilad masri, kfir sulimany, moti fridman, ohad lib, philippe grelu, Hadar Steinberg
bidirectional soliton rain dynamics induced by casimir like interactions in a graphene mode locked fiber laser (2018)| Physical Review Letters| Read more
avi klein, gilad masri, hamootal duadi, kfir sulimany, moti fridman, ohad lib, stanislav kolpakov, Hadar Steinberg
ultrafast rogue wave patterns in fiber lasers (2018)| Optica| Read more
avi klein, bahram jalali, daniel solli, gilad masri, gunter steinmeyer, hamootal duadi, kfir sulimani, moti fridman, ohad lib, shir shahal, stanislav kolpakov, Hadar Steinberg
the picosecond structure of ultra fast rogue waves (2018)| Real-time Measurements, Rogue Phenomena, and Single-Shot Applications III| Read more
alex hayat, dmitry panna, jayakrishna khatei, krishna balasubramanian, leonid rybak, Hadar Steinberg
observation of 2d semiconductor dark exciton lifetime using two photon ultrafast spectroscopy (2018)| Advanced Photonics 2018 (BGPP, IPR, NP, NOMA, Sensors, Networks, SPPCom, SOF) (2018), paper NpM3C.7| Read more
ayelet zalic, Hadar Steinberg, tom dvir
high density carriers at a strongly coupled interface between graphene and a three dimensional topological insulator (2017)| Physical Review B| Read more
aprili, charis quay, freek massee, Maxim Khodas, lotan attias, Hadar Steinberg, tom dvir
hard superconducting gap and vortex state spectroscopy in nbse _2 van der waals tunnel junctions (2017)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.07677| Read more
aprili, charis quay huei, freek masse, Maxim Khodas, lotan attias, Hadar Steinberg, tom dvir
normal insulator superconductor van der waals tunnel junctions (2017)| Bulletin of the American Physical Society| Read more

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