Researcher interests: Mycobacterial pathogenesis research: human and animal mycobacterial diseases, including human and bovine tuberculosis, leprosy, Johne`s disease.
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Selected Publications

Daniel Barkan, bernhard grimm, miriam vanunu, patrick schall, pradip chakraborti, talihaviv reingewertz
mapb protein is the essential methionine aminopeptidase in mycobacterium tuberculosis (2019)| Cells| Read more
Daniel Barkan, michal meir, pablo bifani
the addition of avibactam renders piperacillin an effective treatment for mycobacterium abscessus infection in an in vivo model (2018)| Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control| Read more
Daniel Barkan, michal meir
787 the addition of avibactam augments the activity of piperacillin against mycobacterium abscessus in vitro and is effective in treating m abscessus infection in a galleria mellonella in vivo model (2018)| Open Forum Infectious Diseases| Read more
Daniel Barkan, chunling, douglas lowrie, huimin zhao, shuihua, xiaoyong fan, xuhui liu, zhidong
the role of klrg1 in human cd4 t cell immunity against tuberculosis (2018)| The Journal of Infectious Diseases| Read more
Daniel Barkan, hakan kalay, hugo lujan, judith bartel, lis noelia velasquez, luciana berod, maria virginia gentilini, mariana martina, maxine swallow, nils lycke, philipp stuve, tim sparwasser, yvette van kooyk
targeting mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens to dendritic cells via the dc specific icam3 grabbing nonintegrin receptor induces strong t helper 1 immune responses (2018)| Frontiers in Immunology| Read more
Daniel Barkan, michal meir, tatyana grosfeld
establishment and validation of galleria mellonella as a novel model organism to study mycobacterium abscessus infection pathogenesis and treatment (2018)| Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy| Read more
Daniel Barkan, miriam vanunu, ziv lang
the gene fmt encoding trna fmet formyl transferase is essential for normal growth of m bovis but not for viability (2017)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Daniel Barkan, eric deharo, Hagai Ginsburg, Jacob Golenser, miriam krugliak
potentiation of the antimalarial action of chloroquine in rodent malaria by drugs known to reduce cellular glutathione levels (2003)| Biochemical Pharmacology| Read more
optimisation of flow cytometric measurement of parasitaemia in plasmodium infected mice (2000)| International Journal for Parasitology| Read more

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