Researcher interests: Functional anatomy of language. Linguistic theory (syntax, semantics). Language acquisition. Aphasia. The neural basis of natural language, its development, and breakdown subsequent to focal brain damage.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

measuring the cognitive cost of downward monotonicity by controlling for negative polarity (2019)| Glossa: a journal of general linguistics| Read more
barbara wellner, Yosef Grodzinsky, inga lange, katharina dressel, kathrin hohlbaum, Katrin Amunts, louise etcheverry saez, marion grande, stefan heim, walter huber
sentence repetition deficits in the logopenic variant of ppa linguistic analysis of longitudinal and cross sectional data (2018)| Aphasiology| Read more
andreas haida, Yosef Grodzinsky, luka crnic
linguistic barriers to syllogistic reasoning (2018)| 2018 5th NAFOSTED Conference on Information and Computer Science (NICS)| Read more
Andrea Santi, angela friederici, Yosef Grodzinsky, Michiru Makuuchi
an fmri study dissociating distance measures computed by broca s area in movement processing clause boundary vs identity (2015)| Frontiers in Psychology| Read more
Andrea Santi, angela friederici, Yosef Grodzinsky, Katrin Amunts, Michiru Makuuchi
processing noncanonical sentences in broca s region reflections of movement distance and type ()| Cerebral Cortex| Read more
barbara wellner, etcheverry, Yosef Grodzinsky, hohlbaum, inga lange, katharina dressel, Katrin Amunts, marion grande, martin sudmeyer, minnerop, schulte, stefan heim, walter huber
nachsprechen von satzen bei ppa l ()| Sprache-stimme-gehor| Read more
galit agmon, Yosef Grodzinsky, isabelle deschamps, Yonatan Loewenstein
the processing of polar quantifiers and numerosity perception ()| Cognition| Read more
the neural code that makes us human ()| Science| Read more
Andrea Santi, Yosef Grodzinsky
broca s area and sentence comprehension a relationship parasitic on dependency displacement or predictability ()| Neuropsychologia| Read more
dan drai, Yosef Grodzinsky, Katrin Amunts, sarah hautvast, simon eickhoff, stefan heim
the language number interface in the brain a complex parametric study of quantifiers and quantities ()| Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience| Read more

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