Academic staff
Researcher interests: Emotion perception. Affective neuropsychology. Social neuroscience.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology
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Selected Publications

Hillel Aviezer, Ran Hassin, jacob israelashvili
when emotions run high a critical role for context in the unfolding of dynamic real life facial affect (2019)| Emotion| Read more
alexander todorov, arella eidinger, Hillel Aviezer, doron atias, ilan dror, shai liraz, yaacov maymon
loud and unclear intense real life vocalizations during affective situations are perceptually ambiguous and contextually malleable (2018)| Journal of Experimental Psychology: General| Read more
Hillel Aviezer, neta yitzhak, sharon gilaiedotan
the contribution of facial dynamics to subtle expression recognition in typical viewers and developmental visual agnosia (2018)| Neuropsychologia| Read more
Hillel Aviezer, daniel messinger, emily prince, katherine martin, neta yitzhak, nir giladi, tanya gurevich
gently does it humans outperform a software classifier in recognizing subtle nonstereotypical facial expressions (2017)| Emotion| Read more
Hillel Aviezer, Ran Hassin, noga ensenberg
the inherently contextualized nature of facial emotion perception (2017)| Current opinion in psychology| Read more
Hillel Aviezer, baruch eitam, maya lecker, roy shoval
temporal integration of bodies and faces united we stand divided we fall (2017)| Visual Cognition| Read more
anat perry, Hillel Aviezer, noga ensenberg
are you looking at me mu suppression modulation by facial expression direction (2017)| Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience| Read more
Hillel Aviezer, inbal marom, lior abramson, rotem petranker
is fear in your head a comparison of instructed and real life expressions of emotion in the face and body (2017)| Emotion| Read more
inherently ambiguos an argument for contextualized emotion perception (2017)| The science of facial expression, 2017, ISBN 9780190613501, págs. 333-352| Read more
beyond pleasure and pain facial expression ambiguity in adults and children during intense situations ()| Emotion| Read more

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