Researcher interests: Atmospheric chemistry: modeling and field measurements. Agrometeorology: the continuum soil-plant-atmosphere. Air pollution and its impact on plants and soil. Cloud microphysics.
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Selected Publications

Daniel Obrist, Menachem Luria, Mordechai Peleg, Eran Tas
Bromine-induced oxidation of mercury in the mid-latitude atmosphere (2011)| NATURE GEOSCIENCE| Read more
Daniel Pedersen, David Asaf, Mordechai Peleg, Eran Tas
Long-Term Measurements of NO3 Radical at a Semiarid Urban Site: 2. Seasonal Trends and Loss Mechanisms (2010)| ACS publications| Read more
Menachem Luria, Mordechai Peleg, Eran Tas, Valeri Matveev
Mercury Depletion Events in the Troposphere in Mid-Latitudes at the Dead Sea, Israel (2007)| ACS publications| Read more

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