Researcher interests: Plant cell wall, cellulose biosynthesis, genes in cell wall function, Seed mucilage to study cell wall metabolism, Fruit tree physiology.
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Selected Publications

Daniela Ben-Tov, Smadar Harpaz Saad, Kevin Thompson, Shira Stav, Yael Abraham
COBRA-LIKE 2, a member of the GPI-anchored COBRA-LIKE family, plays a role in cellulose deposition in Arabidopsis seed coat mucilage secretory cells (2015)| ASPB| Read more
Eduard Belausov, Smadar Harpaz Saad, Nicole Lovat, Tamar Azoulay Shemer
Citrus Chlorophyllase Dynamics at Ethylene-Induced Fruit Color-Break: A Study of Chlorophyllase Expression, Posttranslational Processing Kinetics, and in Situ Intracellular Localization (2008)| ASPB| Read more
Eliezer Goldschmidt, Smadar Harpaz Saad, Tamar Azoulay, Tzahi Arazi
Chlorophyllase Is a Rate-Limiting Enzyme in Chlorophyll Catabolism and Is Posttranslationally Regulated (2007)| ASPB| Read more

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