Researcher interests: Plant cell wall, cellulose biosynthesis, genes in cell wall function, Seed mucilage to study cell wall metabolism, Fruit tree physiology.
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Selected Publications

amit fahima, amnon lichter, anat hugger, Smadar Harpaz Saad, itai lax, moshe goren, raphael stern, saar levinkron, smadar harpazsaad, xuming huang, yochai maytal, yoram eyal
cytokinin treatment modifies litchi fruit pericarp anatomy leading to reduced susceptibility to post harvest pericarp browning (2019)| Plant Science| Read more
anat hugger, anat idanmolakandov, bjorn usadel, daniela bentov, Smadar Harpaz Saad, ilan benshlush, markus gunl, smadar harpazsaad, yang
the role of cobra like 2 function as part of the complex network of interacting pathways regulating arabidopsis seed mucilage polysaccharide matrix organization (2018)| Plant Journal| Read more
Smadar Harpaz Saad, ilana shtein, smadar harpazsaad, zoe popper
permanently open stomata of aquatic angiosperms display modified cellulose crystallinity patterns (2017)| Plant Signaling & Behavior| Read more
Amnon Schwartz, benny baron, Einat Zelinger, Smadar Harpaz Saad, ilana shtein, smadar harpazsaad, yaniv shelef, ziv marom, zoe popper
stomatal cell wall composition distinctive structural patterns associated with different phylogenetic groups (2017)| Annals of Botany| Read more
amancio souza, ann loraine, daniela bentov, Rivka Elbaum, Smadar Harpaz Saad, joseph kieber, Kevin Thompson, markus pauly, Shira Stav, smadar harpazsaad, Yael Abraham
cobra like2 a member of the glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchored cobra like family plays a role in cellulose deposition in arabidopsis seed coat mucilage secretory cells (2015)| Plant Physiology| Read more
autar mattoo, gyeong mee yoon, Smadar Harpaz Saad, joseph kieber, smadar harpazsaad
the formation of acc and competition between polyamines and ethylene for sam (2012)| Annual Plant Reviews Volume 44: The Plant Hormone Ethylene| Read more
Smadar Harpaz Saad, joseph kieber, smadar harpazsaad, tamara western
the fei2 sos5 pathway and cellulose synthase 5 are required for cellulose biosynthesis in the arabidopsis seed coat and affect pectin mucilage structure (2012)| Plant Signaling & Behavior| Read more
bronwen forward, Smadar Harpaz Saad, heather mcfarlane, joseph kieber, shouling, smadar harpazsaad, tamara western, uday divi
cellulose synthesis via the fei2 rlk sos5 pathway and cellulose synthase 5 is required for the structure of seed coat mucilage in arabidopsis (2011)| Plant Journal| Read more
Eliezer Goldschmidt, Smadar Harpaz Saad, smadar harpazsaad, tamar azoulayshemer, yoram eyal
pathway of chlorophyll breakdown in citrus fruit peel as compared with arabidopsis leaves and other plant systems (2011)| Acta Horticulturae| Read more
anahit mett, Arnon Brand, david gidoni, Eliezer Goldschmidt, Smadar Harpaz Saad, kenneth standing, Nicole Lovat, oleg krokhin, reut cohenpeer, smadar harpazsaad, tamar azoulayshemer, victor spicer, yoram eyal
dual n and c terminal processing of citrus chlorophyllase precursor within the plastid membranes leads to the mature enzyme (2011)| Plant and Cell Physiology| Read more

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