Researcher interests: Equine infectious diseases; equine neurology; botulism. Large animal pharmacology; clinical pharmacology.
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Selected Publications

atamna, gila abells sutton, mair, Amir Steinman
comparison of three acute colic pain scales reliability validity and usability (2019)| Veterinary Journal| Read more
annie gabay, emanuel gazit, gila abells sutton, israel nissan, judith comte, reut solomovichmanor, sharon tiroshlevy, Amir Steinman
daboia vipera palaestinae envenomation in 123 horses treatment and efficacy of antivenom administration (2019)| Toxins| Read more
avni, daniel elad, kelmer, shalit, shnaidermantorban, Amir Steinman
an outbreak of equine botulism type d in israel (2018)| Equine Veterinary Education| Read more
Dalia Berlin, Tal Raz, Amir Steinman
post partum concentrations of serum progesterone oestradiol and prolactin in arabian mares demonstrating normal maternal behaviour and arabian mares demonstrating foal rejection behaviour (2018)| Veterinary Journal| Read more
Gad Baneth, benjamin lebovich, carlos suarez, Dalia Berlin, don knowles, igor savitski, maayan margalit levi, monica mazuz, nir edery, roee dahan, sharon tiroshlevy, Amir Steinman
first detection of diffuse and cerebral theileria equi infection in neonatal filly (2018)| Journal of Equine Veterinary Science| Read more
gila abells sutton, judith comte, reut solomovich, sharon tiroshlevy, Amir Steinman
daboia vipera palaestinae envenomation in horses clinical and hematological signs risk factors for mortality and construction of a novel severity scoring system (2017)| Toxicon| Read more
oktay keskin, osman yasar tel, sevil erdenlig gurbilek, sharon tiroshlevy, Amir Steinman
seroprevalence of rhodococcus equi in horses in israel (2017)| Journal of The South African Veterinary Association-tydskrif Van Die Suid-afrikaanse Veterinere Vereniging| Read more
Gad Baneth, dafna ketterratzon, doni zivotofsky, lara qura, sharon tiroshlevy, Amir Steinman, tal saar, yaarit nachumbiala, Ziad Abdeen
characterization of theileria equi genotypes in horses in israel the palestinian authority and jordan (2017)| Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases| Read more
abdelmajeed nasereddin, boris gelman, doni zivotofsky, evgeny khinich, lara quraan, sharon tiroshlevy, Amir Steinman, Ziad Abdeen
seroprevalence and risk factor analysis for exposure to equine encephalosis virus in israel palestine and jordan (2017)| Veterinary Medicine and Science| Read more
differential infection patterns and recent evolutionary origins of equine hepaciviruses in donkeys ()| Journal of Virology| Read more

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