Researcher interests: Protein homeostasis and stress response. Redox regulation. Intrinsically disordered chaperones. Computational and experimental biology; proteomics and mass spectrometry.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

balint meszaros, gabor erdős, Dana Reichmann, zsuzsanna dosztanyi
large scale analysis of redox sensitive conditionally disordered protein regions reveals their widespread nature and key roles in high level eukaryotic processes (2019)| Proteomics| Read more
meytal radzinski, Dana Reichmann
variety is the spice of life how to explore a redox dependent heterogeneity in genomically identical cellular populations (2019)| Current Genetics| Read more
ravit mesika, Dana Reichmann
when safeguarding goes wrong impact of oxidative stress on protein homeostasis in health and neurodegenerative disorders (2019)| | Read more
aaron cohen, alexander alexandrov, ayelet chen abraham, eliezer keinan, Daniel Kaganovich, Merav Cohen, Yaakov Nahmias, Dana Reichmann, reshef mintz
high reynolds microfluidic sorting of large yeast populations (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
nufar edinger, oded rimon, Dana Reichmann, rosi fassler
defining hsp33 s redox regulated chaperone activity and mapping conformational changes on hsp33 using hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (2018)| Journal of Visualized Experiments| Read more
Nir Friedman, jenia gutin, maya schuldiner, meytal radzinski, nadav shai, Yaakov Nahmias, Ohad Yogev, Tomer Ravid, Dana Reichmann, rosi fassler, sabina tsytkinkirschenzweig, sidra ilyas, tommer ravid, William Breuer, yifat geffen
temporal profiling of redox dependent heterogeneity in single cells (2018)| eLife| Read more
Dana Reichmann, ursula jakob, wilhelm voth
maintaining a healthy proteome during oxidative stress (2018)| Molecular Cell| Read more
oded rimon, Dana Reichmann
kfits a software framework for fitting and cleaning outliers in kinetic measurements (2018)| Bioinformatics| Read more
bastian groitl, christoph borchers, evgeniy petrotchenko, james bardwell, karl makepeace, Dana Reichmann, scott horowitz, ursula jakob
protein unfolding as a switch from self recognition to high affinity client binding (2016)| Nature Communications| Read more
Ohad Suss, Dana Reichmann
protein plasticity underlines activation and function of atp independent chaperones (2015)| Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences| Read more

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