Researcher interests: Malaria parasites, Plasmodium falciparum; mechanisms that regulate gene expression that support the parasite ability to evade the immune system. The role of nuclear architecture in regulation of gene expression. Alternative splicing in P. falciparum.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
Contact Business Development: Shani Bullock

Selected Publications

Ron Dzikowski, elad milrot, katherine basore, michael elbaum, miriam rose, sanjay desai, shany assaraf, sivanandam arasu, yair fastman
an upstream open reading frame uorf signals for cellular localization of the virulence factor implicated in pregnancy associated malaria (2018)| Nucleic Acids Research| Read more
abed nasereddin, conrad kunick, Ron Dzikowski, leonardo lucantoni, lutz preu, peter jones, thomas weidner, vicky avery
antiplasmodial dihetarylthioethers target the coenzyme a synthesis pathway in plasmodium falciparum erythrocytic stages (2017)| Malaria Journal| Read more
abed nasereddin, amir reza bagheri, andreas greiner, Ron Dzikowski, Sara Eyal, Jacob Golenser, jintao guo, natalia vakruk, nicholas hunt, viola buchholz
controlled release of artemisone for the treatment of experimental cerebral malaria (2017)| Parasites & Vectors| Read more
Ron Dzikowski, kirk deitsch
variant gene expression and antigenic variation by malaria parasites (2017)| Annual Review of Microbiology| Read more
ali salanti, caroline pehrson, christian wang, christopher king, Ron Dzikowski, henning schneider, kristine heno, line mathiesen, lisbeth knudsen, mafalda resende, morten nielsen, peter damm, stefan hansson, thomas lavstsen, thor theander
adhesion of plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes in ex vivo perfused placental tissue a novel model of placental malaria (2016)| Malaria Journal| Read more
abed nasereddin, conrad kunick, Ron Dzikowski, johann grunefeld, lutz preu, thomas weidner
novel 2 phenoxyanilide congeners derived from a hit structure of the tcams synthesis and evaluation of their in vitro activity against plasmodium falciparum (2016)| Molecules| Read more
anine jeppesen, Ron Dzikowski, lars hviid, lea barfod, liz stevenson, louise turner, sisse ditlev, vladyslav soroka
multiple plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 variants per genome can bind igm via its fc fragment fcμ (2015)| Infection and Immunity| Read more
alona rabner, Ron Dzikowski, Rotem Karni, lindsey altenhofen, manuel llinas, phil ross, shiri eshar, yael mandelgutfreund, yair fastman
pfsr1 controls alternative splicing and steady state rna levels in plasmodium falciparum through preferential recognition of specific rna motifs (2015)| Molecular Microbiology| Read more
catherine merrick, Ron Dzikowski, kristen skillman, manoj duraisingh, michael ferdig, rachel moore, rays jiang, upeka samarakoon
functional analysis of sirtuin genes in multiple plasmodium falciparum strains (2015)| PLOS ONE| Read more
Ron Dzikowski, guy pozner, inbar amitavraham, netanel kolevzon, shiri eshar, yair fastman, Eylon Yavin
antisense long noncoding rnas regulate var gene activation in the malaria parasite plasmodium falciparum (2015)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more

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